Theia Rebrands as Digital Hive to become the ‘Netflix of Analytics and BI’ for Enterprises with Multiple Tools

Theia Rebrands as Digital Hive to become the ‘Netflix of Analytics and BI’ for Enterprises with Multiple Tools

“Cool Vendor” also announces new machine learning-driven personalization and recommendation capabilities as part of new product vision

29 September 2020 – US-based Theia, which provides an intelligent enterprise portal for organizations running multiple analytics and BI (ABI) tools, is rebranding to Digital Hive, and introducing new machine learning-driven capabilities for personalization and recommendations. Recently named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’, the company’s new vision is to be the ‘Netflix of Analytics and BI,’ helping business users to instantly unearth the enterprise dashboards, reports, KPIs and raw data that helps them to meet personal and shared objectives.

A unified experience…

Digital Hive connects most popular ABI platforms including ThoughtSpot, Tableau, Qlik, IBM Cognos as well as standard document systems such as Google Drive, SharePoint, Box and social media platforms. This means the typical company, which runs an average of 3.8 different ABI platforms simultaneously (Source: Gartner Cool Vendor 2020 Report – Analytics & Data Science) can provide its user community with a single, unified experience and the best tool or visualization for each job. Digital Hive customers boost returns on legacy ABI investments and raise user adoption levels.

…for meeting collective goals

The current crisis has accelerated many organizations’ change programs. By democratizing all available ABI tools and content, Digital Hive helps teams work collectively towards common goals such as digital transformation, restructuring after a merger or acquisition, or launching new commercial channels. By dismantling the information silos, Digital Hive also promotes data literacy by improving collaboration and adding an extra layer of context, helping users to see the complete ‘data story’.

Business travel company Clarity used Digital Hive to develop its Go2Insight service, which embedded ThoughtSpot’s search-driven analytics tool and more traditional BI reports from Cognos. According to Darren Williams, Head of Management Information and Data,

“Thanks to Digital Hive we were able to offer our customers really pioneering AI and search-driven analytics while still providing traditional reporting facilities to those who need them. This meant we could be bold and visionary, but without leaving any users behind.”

Personalized use cases and branding

Digital Hive is personalized for each organization, depending on their preferred use case. While many customers use Digital Hive as an ABI portal, others embed it into their intranets/extranets, customer, or supplier portals, or build bespoke portals. Companies can also set up different business units, customers, or suppliers to have their own custom-branded portals.

According to Kevin Hurd, Founder and CEO, Digital Hive:

“Companies are navigating through considerable change and uncertainty right now. Rather than more upheaval, most are pragmatic and want to leverage the tools, content, and skills they’ve already invested in. Some of our customers are running upwards of 15 different ABI tools. Whether a user needs a board report, a dashboard, or a quick data answer, Digital Hive presents these in a ‘Netflix-like’ experience, instantly recommending the best asset for the job.”

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About Digital Hive Digital Hive is a US-based software company that provides intelligent enterprise portal solutions, recommending and personalizing content from analytics, document systems and online applications. By providing a single, shared organizational view, federated search across tools, and custom branding, Digital Hive helps drive analytics adoption, improve data literacy, and deliver data stories for better decision making and business performance. A 2020 Gartner ‘Cool Vendor,’ Digital Hive is for most organizations that run multiple analytics and BI tools including customers like Clarity, DFS, Highmark, Froneri, Pomona College, and University of Denver.

Increase Customer Retention | Customer Analytics Portal

Increase Customer Retention | Customer Analytics Portal

As companies race to find value in their data and improve the customer experience, many have overlooked an obvious value-add: providing analytics for the customer. Client-facing analytics differentiates companies from the competition, helping increase market share, retention, and even direct revenue if packaged and productized. 

Why aren’t all companies doing this already? The data is there, and the reporting, dashboards, and visualizations are plenty. 

The Challenge

One of the most difficult aspects of trying to provide analytics to customers is delivering a complete, appealing product. With analytics coming from a variety of internal business intelligence tools, packaging all of this information is far from easy. Both internal and external, users desire a seamless analytics experience. If bringing all of this content together into a single user experience wasn’t challenging enough, each experience needs to be tailored for various audiences.

On top of wrangling content, curating different experiences, and creating a pretty product – facilitating understanding is also a challenge. Chief Data Officers are tasked with fostering data culture, increasing BI adoption, and improving data literacy. However, these initiatives shouldn’t be limited to the internal organization. Companies need to extend this concentration to clients and partners as well. 

The Ideal Customer Analytics Portal

Given the needs and challenges discussed above, let’s describe the ideal external analytics portal for clients and partners:

In summary, companies should aim to deliver analytics both internally and externally to clients and partners to maximize the value of data and grow together with strong data-informed relationships using an analytics portal.

The ideal analytics portal integrates reports and visualizations from all of your different BI tools, allows for the curation of content for different groups including data literacy support, and provides an attractive and easy to use experience.

Why Act Now?

If you provide your clients with informative analytics to help them grow their businesses, your business will become an irreplaceable source of value. If you DON’T provide your clients and partners with analytics, someone else will.

The demand for analytics is continually increasing as companies use data to drive decision making. If you are not providing clients with informative analytics to help them grow their business, how are you ensuring that your service will not become an irreplaceable source of value? 

Offer your clients a service that goes above and beyond the competition. Replace any frustrations by giving them full autonomy over their analytics environment. 

How to create a Customer Portal with Digital Hive

Read more about our enterprise portal solutions, or get in touch, if you want to chat about customer analytics portals – we can show you how simple it is to get set up!

Book a demo with a member of the team. See the full Digital Hive experience as well as some of the branded customer portals we’ve created.