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What's New In Digital Hive 2.1?

What’s New In Digital Hive 2.1

June 27 at 11AM EDT

Join us on June 27th at 11am EDT for a groundbreaking webinar on Digital Hive, the ultimate Analytics Catalog solution.

  • Uncover how our cutting-edge platform revolutionizes analytics consumption and empowers users with a unified experience.
  • Explore the power of the new “Lens” feature for effortless filtering across assets within our Unified Analytics Dashboard.
  • Discover why Digital Hive is the top choice for maximizing analytics utilization and providing a single place for all your analytics assets, regardless of the underlying technology.
the half life of a dashboard

Appreciating the half-life of a dashboard

On-Demand Webinar: 20 Mins

Dashboards will always play a role in analytics, but just how long should any particular one stick around? In this special episode of Inside Analysis, Host Eric Kavanagh and Lynn Moore, CEO Digital Hive interview several thought leaders in the Analytics space, including Peter Kapur of Waste ManagementBrien McHale of Deloitte and Chirag Padalia of Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They’ll discuss best practices, as well as pitfalls to avoid when designing and managing dashboards.

Don't make decisions based on gut

what do gut decisions based on out-dated analytics cost your business each year 

On-Demand Webinar: 20 Mins

Eric Kavanagh sat down with CTO, Scott Masson at ThoughtSpot Beyond 2020 to discuss some of the reasons why so many organizations and business users are still making decisions based on ‘gut feel’ instead of leveraging all analytics available. With multiple technologies at their disposal but unused or storing out-dated data, how much is this costing the business? Listen to find out. 

best of your bi – how data changes culture

On-Demand Webinar: 60 Mins

Small changes in critical data processes can have major impacts on your company culture driving profitability and growth. Bloor Group’s Eric Kavanagh and Darren Williams, Head of Finance Operations, MI & Data at Clarity, demonstrate the value of introducing an analytics portal into your tech stack. Learn how to create data harmony, providing the ability to present compelling data stories to your business and customers, shining a light on the very best of your BI and driving successes for you and your customers changing business culture for the better.

dealing with multiple BI systems

What Every Executive Needs to know about Dealing with multiple BI systems

On-demand webinar: 60 mins

Most organizations are managing 4+ analytics tools. Some see this as a problem so try to standardize all reporting into a single BI solution.  Finding the time to complete the migration of decades of reports is also problem. STOP you are wasting valuable time and money! Learn how industry leaders deal with multiple business intelligence solutions, and empower their teams to focus on what matters most!

Inside Analysis: The Company You Keep – Data Engineering for Consumption


Is it all about the data, the people, or the workflows? Put simply, it’s all about the Company! Organizations that succeed keep teams focused on what really matters, fostering a data-driven culture for those who make countless important decisions daily. Listen on-demand as host Eric Kavanagh interviews Digital Hive CTO, Scott Masson to get insights into successfully centralizing data, people and workflows to drive success for you and your Company.

What's ahead in analytics 2022?

what’s ahead in analytics 2022?

tdwi on-demand webinar: 60 Mins

Bringing together a panel of experts, moderated by Fern Halper, TDWI’s lead analyst for advanced analytics. The panel explored today’s hottest trends and what’s ahead for analytics in 2022, including:

  • Automation and augmented intelligence
  • Data literacy, explainability, and data ethics
  • MLOps for analytics
  • Evolving data platforms to support analytics
  • Examples of what successful real-world organizations are doing today
Future proof your analytics

Future-proof your technology: Creating a solution that sticks

on-demand: 45 Mins


Wave goodbye to ‘death by bookmark’ and centralize all existing data sources and assets, push insights direct to users in real-time, create personalized views of the world for each user and department while retaining full control of the back-end systems with an intelligent enterprise portal. Watch now and hear Mary Ventresca, VP Marketing and Business Development at Pattison Outdoor talk about how Pattison have aggregated and cataloged millions of assets and personalized their internal technology landscape and by introducing Digital Hive into their strategy roadmap.

    Simplify & Modernize

    on-demand: 30 Mins

    Enterprise analytics is not meeting user expectations. From managing multiple BI systems, logins and interfaces, to different features and functions, users are having to endure a very disjointed and time-consuming experience.

    Learn how Digital Hive gives you the ability to repackage your existing tech investments to provide single portal access to all of your analytics securely and create modern & engaging user experiences for a multi-generational workforce.

    Bite-sized Series

    Bite-sized will provide you with snappy content overviews of our latest product, feature and technical partnership updates that you need to get the most out of your intelligent Enterprise Portal, driving value back into your business.




    Bite-Sized Episodes

    Demonstrating the best ways to fully utilize Digital Hive, with handy hints and tips to enable your users to Connect, Create and Engage with analytic content all in one place.


    1.8 offers personalized report recommendations & new connectors

     Learn how users can instantly engage with the information displayed in a unique and dynamic ‘swim-lane’ view, how our machine learning surfaces and recommends personalized reports to users in line with their role, department or workflow and our latest connector set (Looker, SAP Analytics Cloud & Splunk).


    Connecting IBM Cognos, Qlik and more

    See IBM Cognos being added in real-time to Digital Hive illustrating the ease of adding any new connector. You’ll see the data from the newly connected system pushing through instantly to the Analytics Catalog where it is fully accessible by all users as soon as the connection is made.


    Create interactive analytics experiences in a matter of minutes!

    Build modern, personalized user experiences suitable for a multi-generational workforce, specific to any department, user or customer. Fully brand and customize each ‘Hive’ using our drag and drop feature, making any experience look like an extension of your business with zero reliance on developer or coder time.


    Eliminating technology disruptions from the business

    Merging and/or acquiring a new business comes with it’s technilogical challenges, but so does migrating from one tool to another (Tableau to Power BI for example). Learn how Digital Hive can help elimiate any disruption to the business, insulating end users from any future technology decisions. 

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