About Digital Hive

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Who we are

Digital Hive is a subscription software business that provides enterprise portal solutions to businesses enabling them to connect to all BI, analytics, and enterprise applications. Access all enterprise reporting from a single place and interact with information that’s been surfaced and recommended in a personalized consumer experience. 

In 2014, our team who came from a mixture of analytics backgrounds had an idea… what if businesses could access everything from a single place? Even though the market wasn’t ready for us yet, we set to work on solving this complex problem. 

Six years on, the problem is now even bigger now that the analytics market is saturated with applications that provide information for decision-makers. This year more than ever the market and our competition have woken up to the fact that this problem needs solving.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a head start and it’s ready today! 

Our Mission & Vision

We believe that if organizations had better access to information it would result in a more productive and cost-effective workforce. Digital Hive’s intelligent technology exists to create a uniformed and personalized experience.

Information should always be at our fingertips, without the need for hours of searching, days of training or relying on technical help. To be truly data-driven, personalized insights need to be delivered to users at the right time and place, regardless of their role within their business. It should be as simple as logging in once and being greeted with intelligence. Over time Digital Hive will learn about your behaviour, patterns and needs, becoming in tune with the way you work. 

Happy Customers

Digital Hive’s presentation is helping our users think through all of the other KPIs we are missing right now.


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