Digital Hive Puts a Consumer Face on Enterprise Analytics and BI

Digital Hive Puts a Consumer Face on Enterprise Analytics and BI

New Digital Hive release presents content in ‘swimlanes’, offers ‘previews’ and now connects to Looker, Microsoft OneDrive, SAP Analytics Cloud, Splunk, and TIBCO Spotfire

12 May 2021 – Today Digital Hive launches the first intelligent enterprise portal that makes finding, accessing, and sharing enterprise analytics & BI (ABI) output and other company information as easy as using Netflix or Spotify. Built for today’s multi-generational, hybrid IT and digitally transforming enterprises, this release of Digital Hive presents company data and content in consumer app-inspired ‘swimlanes’, and displays content previews. It also includes new connectors to Looker, Microsoft OneDrive, SAP Analytics Cloud, Splunk, and TIBCO Spotfire.

A spaghetti junction of enterprise software 

Despite vendors’ efforts to convince enterprises to standardise on single applications and platforms, this rarely happens due to M&A consolidation, changing IT leadership, generational preferences, and different use case requirements. Most companies run an average of 3.8 ABI tools, according to Gartner. They also run multiple content management systems, intranets and file storage systems like Google Drive, SharePoint, and Box. 

Business users relying on these systems need to know which to look in and then track down the best report, dashboard, or file in time to do essential things like resolve customer issues, negotiate contracts, and prepare for board meetings. As Digital Hive’s CEO Kevin Hurd explains:

“Business people increasingly expect to adopt and use analytics software and other information systems the same way as they do with consumer apps – instantly, and with little or no training or need for IT intervention. That also means that businesses need to think more like Netflix and Spotify, understanding preferences, pushing out relevant content, and encouraging users to share and collaborate with peers.”


Simple, modern, and personal UX to boost adoption 

Digital Hive offers enterprises a pragmatic way to retain their investments in all their business systems while helping users get the most out of them. This latest release goes well beyond shielding users from the underlying complexity; it gives complex and legacy business information systems a consumer ‘makeover’ to an experience that’s simple, modern, and dynamic. By offering a personal experience, Digital Hive gives users access to the information they need to be successful in their jobs without having to rely on help from IT and data experts. This satisfying, personalized experience drives engagement for tools like Microsoft Power BI, ThoughtSpot, Tableau, Qlik, IBM Cognos and in turn, boosts adoption levels.

swimlane view of reports from multiple BI systems

New capabilities in this release of Digital Hive include:

  • Netflix-like ‘swimlanes’ – after each user inputs their initial preferences, Digital Hive organizes content into multiple swimlanes.
  • Dashboard / Report / content previews including ‘thumbnails’
  • New connectors – Looker, Microsoft OneDrive, SAP Analytics Cloud, Splunk, and TIBCO Spotfire

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About Digital Hive

Digital Hive is an international software company that provides an intelligent enterprise portal to content from analytics and BI tools, content management systems, and file systems – on-premise and in the cloud. By providing a single, shared organizational view, federated search across tools, and custom branding, Digital Hive helps drive systems adoption, improve data literacy, and deliver data stories for better decision making and business performance. A 2020 Gartner ‘Cool Vendor,’ Digital Hive customers like Clarity, DFS, Highmark, Pomona College, and University of Denver.

Software: to build or buy? That is the question.

Software: to build or buy? That is the question.

In 2015 Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella famously said: “every business will be a software business”. And it’s hard to argue that when companies like Uber, Airbnb, and JustEat are disrupting, then dominating, established, seemingly unassailable industries. 

If you’re under pressure to transform your company into a software business, you’re not alone. The big question then becomes: to build or not to build?

A ‘Netflix’ style analytics and BI experience drives Digital Transformation

A ‘Netflix’ style analytics and BI experience drives Digital Transformation


The period of staggering technology advancement in the 2010s changed everything. In a single decade, social media, search, smartphones, 4G, Cloud computing, AI and big data, and user interface design sped through ‘hype cycles’ and went mainstream. These technologies profoundly altered people’s expectations of software’s UX, speed, reliability, and personalization.

Prior to that decade, enterprise software and transformation programmes had gained an image problem. That was largely because ‘Transformation’ had become a euphemism for asking employees to change the way they worked to adapt to expensive, large-scale enterprise software rollouts. The Boomers and Gen-Xers who dominated the workforce rarely adopted these systems to the extent that their organisations hoped – in most cases, it was ‘just enough’. I’m in no way blaming big enterprise software companies for designing systems the way they did. The vision was…

Creating a Holistic View of Healthcare Analytics

Creating a Holistic View of Healthcare Analytics

Length of stay and readmission might be accessed via your QlikSense application, Patient Satisfaction information stored in Tableau, and Employee demographics & Dependent coverage ratios are in a third system…meaning you’re forced to remember all of this as well as login information for each of the individual systems. So what happens when another, newer, augmented analytics system like ThoughtSpot is introduced? 

You might lose track of where the information is stored… might try to ‘cut and paste’ pieces of the information you need into a PowerPoint so you can create an overview ‘dashboard’. Maybe you’ll dump all of the data into Excel and make a pivot table? 

While you think this might ‘work at the time’, what’s worth pointing out is that all of the above is time consuming, inefficient and increases the risk of misinterpretation – not to mention the issues this creates around data privacy.

Enter the Analytics Portal

There is a better way than cobbling your data and visualizations together with cut & paste! Digital Hive provides an efficient and code-free way to bring together silos containing the length of stay and readmissions information, patient satisfaction information, employee & their dependant’s demographics, into a unique, personalized ‘portal’. One login, one solution. Simple. 

Change happens

When was the last time change didn’t happen? Rarely, that’s when. The tools and applications organizations leverage to understand & present information is fluid. You need to be able to adapt to these changes as well. 

Digital Hive not only allows for these changes to take place but encourages them. With the ability to integrate new analytics tools at any point, you are in complete control of how to use new capability sets in concert with your current applications – giving you the ability to leverage the right tools for the right job. 

Now Tableau exists with PowerBI and ThoughtSpot for a more holistic view of your healthcare world.

A word on personalization

Adapt and adopt, make the experience unique to your community. Let’s be honest. Just bringing all of your required information, visualizations and applications together into a single experience is paramount, but what if people don’t like the look and feel of the experience. Limited adoption is the outcome. 

Digital Hive provides a unique drag and drop, code-free, personalization experience so you can tailor your analytics hub to suit the needs of and requirements of individuals, roles and groups in your organization. Now you’re on your way to increased adoption and are driving towards the realization of data-driven decision making.

Learn more about Digital Hive for Healthcare or schedule a quick 30-min demo and see it in action!

Does Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” Report Mean Anything?

Does Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” Report Mean Anything?

Every year, Gartner, one of the world’s leading IT research companies, publishes a Cool Vendor Report highlighting new technologies in Analytics and Data Science. This year, Digital Hive (formally known as Theia) received this recognition. Previous Gartner Cool Vendors include Tableau, Snowflake, and Looker just to name a few. Many CDO’s and CTO’s use Gartner to help successfully guide their IT strategy and technology purchasing decisions.

So, does being named a Gartner Cool Vendor mean anything to Digital HiveYES!

The Intersection of Need and Solution

Gartner analysts are some of the most informed middle-men in the world. Working with both technology vendors and enterprise data leaders, they sit at an incredibly valuable intersection of information. It’s at this intersection that Gartner is able to provide value, having 1000’s of conversations a year on both sides of the fence, identifying emerging challenges and the technologies that will provide a solution. 

Validation of Enterprise Need

For Digital Hive, being named a Gartner Cool Vendor is a validation that the use of many BI & Analytics tools within large enterprises is creating real problems for end-users with BI Adoption, Data Literacy, and meaningful ROI. Companies are now in a full-sprint race to go digital, maximize the value of their data, and provide more meaningful experiences. Without frictionless access to information, meaningful data literacy education, and a push for greater user adoption, many companies are going to see the millions they invested in data & analytics go down the drain.

Even more, we now have the validation that a multi-tool tech stack is NOT going away. Co-existence is needed. If consolidating to a single BI tool is on your roadmap, be forewarned it’s a long, expensive, and ever-changing journey. Every year innovations in data & analytics produce new tools and vendors, making it necessary for companies to keep pace and maintain a competitive edge.

A Rise in Vendor Competition

For many, competition in the marketplace is a threat. For Digital Hive, seeing the recent increase in competition indicates that there IS a marketplace for our Analytic Hub solution and that we are providing much-needed value.

We welcome new competitors as we work towards a common goal –  increase awareness of the value in Analytics Hubs, Analytics Catalogs, and data literacy support.

Why Digital Hive is the Best Analytics Hub Solution 

That being said, Digital Hive was the first Analytics Hub solution to identify and solve the market need of bringing enterprise BI together. The first-mover advantage has allowed us to evolve and innovate more quickly than our competitors and provide increased value to our clients as their needs change.

Digital Hive is uniquely differentiated as the only true technology-agnostic analytics hub that allows users to interact with the full-functionality of different reports and dashboards seamlessly within the experience.

Most of the competition in our space only provides a functional analytics catalog (or is yet another BI tool in disguise). Digital Hive is the only true Analytics Hub. In addition to an Analytics Catalog Digital Hive enables end-users to create interactive Data Storyboards using reports from different tools, and contextualize information with presentations, video, RSS feeds, and custom messaging. 

This means that clients can unlock the full power of Data Storytelling and Data Literacy support. Every department, persona, partner, or client receives relevant and tailored information supported by context.

Only Digital Hive can do that.

Learn how

How You Can Use Digital Hive Today

Digital Hive has clients in every vertical, all around the world – Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Manufacturing, Retail, and more. With out-of-the-box connectors to 18 major information systems and a Custom API connector, any business can bring their choice of BI & Analytics tools together and benefit with Digital Hive.

Want to learn more? Book a 30 min demo today!

Gartner Cool Vendors 2020 Announced

Gartner Cool Vendors 2020 Announced

Digital Hive has been named a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Analytics and Data Science

With the average organization using 3.8 different BI solutions, and the number of different business roles wanting to analyze the data increasing, it’s critical that businesses make it easy for users to leverage, share and scale the analytics value from different systems that have been generated before. 

According to Gartner’s report, published May 7th, 2020: 

“Organizations are struggling to manage analytics content from different tools. This hinders the ability to share and scale the use of analytics, and limits adoption as users fail to find and compile the insights that have been generated before.”

Garter recommend that one way this can be achieved is by

establishing an easily accessible portal that has single access to the analytics content built by multiple existing analytics solutions.

Gartner’s definition of a Cool Vendor is “a small company offering a technology or service that is: innovative — enables users to do things they couldn’t do before, impactful — has or will have a business impact — not just technology for its own sake, intriguing — has caught Gartner’s interest during the past six months.”

Why is Digital Hive Cool?

Digital Hive’s technology consolidates key information assets across an entire organization in one convenient and digestible place, giving users real-time access to the relevant information they contain through a single point of entry.  

Digital Hive (formally known as Theia) connects to analytics and BI tools platforms such as ThoughtSpot, Tableau, Qlik, IBM Cognos as well as standard document systems such as Google Drive, SharePoint, Box and social media platforms

Digital Hive’s analytics catalog addresses a real pain point impacting organizations using multiple analytics and BI tools — giving business users a single point of access and thereby providing visibility, governance and control.

Click here to read Gartner’s full report – link off to Gartner.

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