Why Digital Hive?

Maximize the consumption of analytics

Provide users with a single catalog they can access all reporting and dashboards irrespective of the underlying technology.

Adoption starts with access

establish a single source of the truth

With the rise of data and analytics, a single source of truth is increasingly important. Yet many organizations have many different sources of analytics, each with its own answer. Our goal is to make all of those disparate sources work together in a centralized location so you can easily present everything in a way that makes sense for your users.


Analytics are siloed and difficult to access


Not comfortable using data from analytics tools

Your self-service analytics catalog

Bring it all together

The platform for all your analytics

Most organizations have a 5+ different analytics tools. It’s confusing and cumbersome, but very much reality. You’re probably similar, so why would you want another? You don’t. You just need a better way to manage all your existing analytics tools – and that’s where Digital Hive comes in.

  • ZWe don't store your data
  • ZWe don't override or make you re-do your security
  • ZWe don't force you to synchronize or upload your data
  • ZWe won't change any existing workflows

Think big, act fast

Break down the analytics silos

With all your analytics spread across different platforms, it’s complicated and timely for the business to control. Too much time is wasted searching silos or reproducing content that already exists. By centralizing your analytics, you can eliminate silos, remove unnecessary asset duplication and improve the consistency of the analytics that users rely on. Select the right tool for the right job when delivering analytics, and empower more efficient ways of working.

Search over all your business systems to find the information you need, by tag, name, metadata and more

Search before you create

Anything exposed is searchable. Search once across all platforms and metadata and surface results with Google-like speed. IT only create essential assets only – at a fraction of the cost and speed, while users can quickly find what they need, without caring what tool it was created in.

Digital Hive Analytics Catalog

Catalog and remove clutter

Our self-service analytics catalog lets you take inventory and organize everything you have, optimizing the experience. Help users collect, find, access, and enrich assets by adding metadata to support discovery and steer analytics governance.


State “Lack of time” to dedicate towards data stories


Avg. hrs spent per user just searching for information


Users feel overwhelmed when working with analytics

Unlock your analytics potential

Create Unified dashboards to provide better insight

 Finance relies on Cognos or Business Objects, Marketing love Tableau, Qlik or PowerBI, and HR can’t get enough of SAP Analytics Cloud. But there’s no easy way to bring it all together, in one place. Until now.

Create and share real-time unified view of all your analytics in a matter of minutes. Drag and drop the assets you need (regardless of the platform) into a single page, and provide executives with a complete view of the business in real-time.

Unified analytics dashboard
  • ZEmbed any asset from any system in a few quick clicks
  • ZEliminate timely, static & single use PowerPoint dashboards
  • ZCreate once & share with the right audiences
  • ZInteract & drill down in real-time as if inside the report itself
  • ZAssets are updated in real time to reflect recent changes
data story

Switch from ‘what’ to ‘why’

Drive data literacy with storyboards

Dashboards and reports are the most common way of sharing data with employees at every level of the business. However, dashboards are not data stories and many struggle to interpret them due to limited explanatory capabilities.

Goodbye dashboards, hello storyboards.

Digital Hive’s storyboards are an effective way of delivering analytics results or communicating insights with every level of the business. Enrich the analytics presented by adding commentary, images, PDF documents, and other contextual information to build understanding and shape decision making.

Finally bridge the gap between the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ to improve understanding and decision quality.

Analytics governance

Steering Analytics Governance

Driving better business outcomes

Analytics governance within your organization is important for increasing confidence and trust in the data and analytics output. Digital Hive enables better analytics governance by providing a way to publish, categorize and certify their key reports and dashboards into a centralized portal for all users to access.

Apply report certifications & feedback to steer governance

Focus development on assets with high engagement

Enrich assets by adding key metadata to enhance search

Generate analytics accountability and transparency

Sort reports from high ratings to low

Help users find trusted content to support decisions

Increase users trust in analytics for decision making

  • Organizations trust their analytics enough to use it effectively 33% 33%
  • Executives rely on intuition to make the majority of their decisions 36% 36%
Analytics governance

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