The Intelligent Analytics Portal

Drive more value from your analytics by giving your audience a single place to access and interact with everything they need.

What is Digital Hive?

We’re not another analytics tool! Digital Hive is the first intelligent analytics portal that integrates with your existing technology stack to make finding, accessing, and sharing enterprise analytics & business intelligence and other company information as easy as using your favorite consumer apps. 

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Why Digital Hive?

Analytics are no longer just living inside of traditional analytics and business intelligence tools – they’re nside of everything. Digital Hive makes it easy for anyone to access the information they need exactly when they need it – regardless of the system – by bringing all analytics, BI and CMS into a single place. Provide everyone across organization with a consistent and modern interface they will enjoy and adopt, and drive ROI from your entire technology portfolio. 

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Digital Hive Connects to multiple systems

Access analytics from all integrated systems safely and securely


Digital Hive Connects to multiple systems

Branded and personalized experiences for your audience


Digital Hive Connects to multiple systems

Interact and communicate with the analytics that will drive change

Who loves Digital Hive?

Business users

All Enterprise Analytics in One Place

Stop wasting time and money and access all the analytics and information you need from a single portal.


Self-Service Analytics

Keep customers sticky by create a fully branded and personalized analytics experience for every user, customer and persona.


Up & Running in Days

Dramatically reduce the time and cost of building, embedding and deploying analytics into any portal environment with our no-code solution.

leadership teams

Eliminate Disruption

Seamlessly connect, retire, standardize, migrate applications and insulate users from any technology interruptions.  

Data leaders

Drive Data Literacy

Utilize key information assets from different systems within a single storyboard and enrich with context, images and videos to tell a data story.

Product development

Stay Competitive

Build real-time analytics into your portal environment and capitalize on the latest technology innovations. 


Pomona College

Our people have an ‘intranet on steroids’ that’s easy to use and access reports and other policy documents and information from. At the same time, we maintain our strategy of using the most suitable BI tool for each job.


University of Denver

Digital Hive is really a genius in this new environment. It’s the most amazing thing I have seen in 10 years


Clarity Travel

Digital Hive is incredible. If at some point in the future we decided that we wanted to add Power BI in there, or Tableau, or Spotfire, they’ve got a huge number of connectors that can allow us to do that seamlessly.

Some of our Customers

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