Digital Hive Case Studies

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Companies across all industries have leveraged Digital Hive to get the best out of their existing analytics technology, boost adoption rates, and empower users to be data-driven. Browse through our case studies to learn how.

Clarity Grows Stronger Through Pandemic Adversity

Over the last few years, UK Travel Specialists, Clarity have survived a global pandemic, and secured £135m in new business. They attribute part of their success to the huge value that the Digital Hive-powered software tool ‘Go2 Insight’ has provided to the business and its clients.

Denver Uni Case Study

Denver created the ultimate research assistant, delivering fulfilling educational experiences to over 12,000 students.

It took one demo for University of Denver to see that Digital Hive would be the one to wrangle all their data analytics and reporting tools that weren’t playing nicely. Learn the five reasons Denver University love Digital Hive. 

advertising billboards

PATTISON boost sales productivity by serving up 1TB of marketing assets at Google-like-speeds

PATTISON, Canadian leader in outdoor advertising have over 1 million pieces of marketing collateral, and needed to simplify and speed up the way sales accessed and tracked down the right content from the company’s vast archives.

Why Digital Hive


Digital Hive connects to best of breed applications like ThoughtSpot, Salesforce, Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, YouTube and many others, providing users with seamless access to information through a single portal.


Create visually stunning portals that align with corporate branding for internal and external users. Digital Hive’s storyboards are a reflection of a business embracing all data assets, providing insight to make effective data-driven decisions. 


Engage with personalized content that’s recommended and delivered to you. Organize, access and interact with your analytics based on the way you work.

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