Smart personalized portal solutions

Modernize and Stay Competitive

Consumer applications like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon are altering the expectations of enterprise analytics. Analytics should be instantly accessible to people exactly when they need them.

Modernize and simplify the experience by re-packaging all of your existing technology investments with an enterprise portal, and provide a seamless user experience across multiple platforms. Turn your users into consumers. 

Netflix for analytics
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Organize All Of Your Content In A Structured Way

Digital Hive’s analytics catalog lets you organize millions of information assets in an intuitive and user-friendly way. Create your own folder structures, organize relevant content, tag and bookmark frequently used assets for quick access.

Increase collaboration and provide a feedback loop with your peers across the business by add star ratings and commentary to reports and information assets. 

Digital Hive Analytics Catalog

Connect, Create & Engage

Digital Hive is designed to have you up and running in days. We’re already set up to connect directly to all underlying analytics, BI and content systems in real-time. All you have to do is put in your connector details and you’re up and running!

Bring everything together in one intelligent enterprise portal and get the best out of your existing technology.  


Connect your BI systems, local file systems and social media into one place with Theia
Connect your BI systems, local file systems and social media into one place with Theia

Data Storytelling

With Digital Hive Storyboards, anyone can view reports and dashboards from different BI systems in a side-by-side view within the same portal experience. Increase understanding of what’s going on, apply contextual information with commentary and videos, and drive data literacy across the business. 

Storyboard view inside Digital Hive
Branded Portal

Brand Your Digital Experience

Digital Hive gives you the ability to align your portal experience for every internal and external user. We make it simple for organizations to brand each experience and make it feel like an extension of the business.

You can also set up different business units, customers, or suppliers to have their own custom-branded portals.

Branded Portal

Design and Build Your Own Portal 

Thinking of building your analytics portal? With Digital Hive’s SDK, you can quickly build a scalable portal experience across your enterprise, driving business benefit and supporting digital transformation projects.

Accelerate your custom development timelines, saving time, money and resources. Reduce the burden on your development team and let us do the heavy lifting. 

Build your own portal with digital hive

Scale Enterprise-Wide

with confidence and succeed

High Availability

We provide redundancy and fault tolerance so the system will always be available regardless of what happens.


To harmonize all your enterprise authentication providers, we support access to SSO, LDAP, SAML, OKTA and AD integration.

Unlimited Connectors

We don’t charge you for connector licenses. Add as many business systems as you need enabline enterprise wide deployment. 



We inherit all the security from all underlying business systems, eliminating any additional set up and ongoing maintenance.


Intuitive codeless interface for administration to add connectors, security and storyboards. Up and running in hours.


Monitor auditing to establish usage patterns for BI adoption. Track users behavioural patterns and reporting activity.

Architecture Matters

purpose built from the ground up


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