Theia Rebrands as Digital Hive to become the ‘Netflix of Analytics and BI’ for Enterprises with Multiple Tools

Theia Rebrands as Digital Hive to become the ‘Netflix of Analytics and BI’ for Enterprises with Multiple Tools

“Cool Vendor” also announces new machine learning-driven personalization and recommendation capabilities as part of new product vision

29 September 2020 – US-based Theia, which provides an intelligent enterprise portal for organizations running multiple analytics and BI (ABI) tools, is rebranding to Digital Hive, and introducing new machine learning-driven capabilities for personalization and recommendations. Recently named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’, the company’s new vision is to be the ‘Netflix of Analytics and BI,’ helping business users to instantly unearth the enterprise dashboards, reports, KPIs and raw data that helps them to meet personal and shared objectives.

A unified experience…

Digital Hive connects most popular ABI platforms including ThoughtSpot, Tableau, Qlik, IBM Cognos as well as standard document systems such as Google Drive, SharePoint, Box and social media platforms. This means the typical company, which runs an average of 3.8 different ABI platforms simultaneously (Source: Gartner Cool Vendor 2020 Report – Analytics & Data Science) can provide its user community with a single, unified experience and the best tool or visualization for each job. Digital Hive customers boost returns on legacy ABI investments and raise user adoption levels.

…for meeting collective goals

The current crisis has accelerated many organizations’ change programs. By democratizing all available ABI tools and content, Digital Hive helps teams work collectively towards common goals such as digital transformation, restructuring after a merger or acquisition, or launching new commercial channels. By dismantling the information silos, Digital Hive also promotes data literacy by improving collaboration and adding an extra layer of context, helping users to see the complete ‘data story’.

Business travel company Clarity used Digital Hive to develop its Go2Insight service, which embedded ThoughtSpot’s search-driven analytics tool and more traditional BI reports from Cognos. According to Darren Williams, Head of Management Information and Data,

“Thanks to Digital Hive we were able to offer our customers really pioneering AI and search-driven analytics while still providing traditional reporting facilities to those who need them. This meant we could be bold and visionary, but without leaving any users behind.”

Personalized use cases and branding

Digital Hive is personalized for each organization, depending on their preferred use case. While many customers use Digital Hive as an ABI portal, others embed it into their intranets/extranets, customer, or supplier portals, or build bespoke portals. Companies can also set up different business units, customers, or suppliers to have their own custom-branded portals.

According to Kevin Hurd, Founder and CEO, Digital Hive:

“Companies are navigating through considerable change and uncertainty right now. Rather than more upheaval, most are pragmatic and want to leverage the tools, content, and skills they’ve already invested in. Some of our customers are running upwards of 15 different ABI tools. Whether a user needs a board report, a dashboard, or a quick data answer, Digital Hive presents these in a ‘Netflix-like’ experience, instantly recommending the best asset for the job.”

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About Digital Hive Digital Hive is a US-based software company that provides intelligent enterprise portal solutions, recommending and personalizing content from analytics, document systems and online applications. By providing a single, shared organizational view, federated search across tools, and custom branding, Digital Hive helps drive analytics adoption, improve data literacy, and deliver data stories for better decision making and business performance. A 2020 Gartner ‘Cool Vendor,’ Digital Hive is for most organizations that run multiple analytics and BI tools including customers like Clarity, DFS, Highmark, Froneri, Pomona College, and University of Denver.

Theia Announces Partnership with ThoughtSpot to Deliver Embedded Insight Hub to Enterprises

Theia Announces Partnership with ThoughtSpot to Deliver Embedded Insight Hub to Enterprises

Theia launches Insight Hub powered by ThoughtSpot to enable organizations to curate insights and create stunning data stories 

OTTAWA, Canada – July 31, 2019 – Enterprises across all industries have been embarking on major digital transformation projects. Despite heavy investments, many organizations still report an inability to turn these initiatives into demonstrable business value. In order to help organizations leverage these efforts and empower their team with insights,  Theia, the Embedded Insight Hub, announced a new partnership with ThoughtSpot, the leader in search and AI-driven analytics, to enable enterprises to run ThoughtSpot workloads directly within Theia. 

Building a Strong Data Culture

Theia uses data stories to empower organisations to gain business insight by combining all of their information assets and ThoughtSpot through a single, tailored user experience. Equipping employees with these insights helps build a strong data culture and encourages users to make data-driven decisions. 

Benefits of Theia’s Insight Hub include:

Accelerated Integration: Capabilities enable customers to embed ThoughtSpot alongside other information assets. Customers get a unique customized market-leading solution that provides a competitive advantage within weeks – not months. A faster and cost effective alternative to in-house development can be achieved with Theia’s code free, drag and drop environment.

Monetization & Brand Enablement: Deploy visually stunning and compelling applications that align to corporate branding for internal and external users. With the ability to white label, the power to create new revenue streams is great. 

Federated Discovery: Enterprises have many pinboards, answers, SpotIQ, reports, dashboards, presentations and media in multiple information systems. With Theia it is simple to organize and find content. Users save time through quick discovery of valuable information assets which provides insight at scale. 

“We are delighted to be able to partner with a market leader like ThoughtSpot. For our joint customers, having the ability to access the rich insight and context created by ThoughtSpot’s search & AI driven analytics platform, viewed through Theia’s flexible and intuitive lens on the business, allows a greater number of their users to make better decisions and take the actions required to drive the best business outcomes possible,” said Mitch Robinson, CEO at Theia. “The combination of our two solutions is what will enable [email protected] for our customers.” 

“Companies in every sector are seeking to transform themselves to compete in the new digital world by tapping into the value of their data. By partnering with Theia, we can protect organizations past investments in analytics tools and rapidly embed ThoughtSpot into any data-driven application,” said Toni Adams, VP of Global Channels & Alliances, ThoughtSpot. “I’m excited to work together with Theia to help companies find meaningful insights in their data and applications faster than ever before.”

About ThoughtSpot

The world’s most innovative enterprises use ThoughtSpot to empower every person in their organization, from C-suite executive to front-line employee, with the ability to quickly uncover data-driven insights. With ThoughtSpot, business people can type a simple Google-like search in natural language to instantly analyze billions of rows of data, and leverage artificial intelligence to get trusted, relevant insights pushed to them as answers to thousands of questions they might not have thought to ask. ThoughtSpot is simple enough for any business person to use, yet powerful enough to handle even the largest, most complex enterprise data without sacrificing speed, security, or governance. That’s why customers like 7-11, BT, Celebrity Cruises, Daimler, De Beers, Hulu, Miami Children’s Health System, Nationwide Building Society, and Scotiabank have turned to ThoughtSpot to transform their decision-making cultures and analyst firm Gartner named ThoughtSpot a Leader in the 2019 Magic Quadrant. By making insights a part of every conversation and every decision, ThoughtSpot is reimagining the role of data in creating a more fact-driven world. For more information, please visit

About Theia

Theia is an Insight Hub. Information from many sources is required to provide insight to make effective decisions. Theia brings sources together – BI platforms, analytics and data visualizations – into one experience, so that better, data-driven decisions can be made. Theia’s Embedded Insight Hub provides insight at scale. For further information, please visit heytheia.