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Designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest innovations for our constantly evolving enterprise portal. Check out our latest bite-sized episodes, thought leadership webinars and other events. 

Connect your BI systems, local file systems and social media into one place with Theia

Bite-sized Series

Bite-sized will provide you with snappy content overviews of our latest product, feature and technical partnership updates that you need to get the most out of your intelligent Enterprise Portal, driving value back into your business.




Bite-Sized Episodes

Demonstrating the best ways to fully utilize Digital Hive, with handy hints and tips to enable your users to Connect, Create and Engage with analytic content all in one place.


1.8 offers personalized report recommendations & new connectors

 Learn how users can instantly engage with the information displayed in a unique and dynamic ‘swim-lane’ view, how our machine learning surfaces and recommends personalized reports to users in line with their role, department or workflow and our latest connector set (Looker, SAP Analytics Cloud & Splunk).


Connecting IBM Cognos, Qlik and more

See IBM Cognos being added in real-time to Digital Hive illustrating the ease of adding any new connector. You’ll see the data from the newly connected system pushing through instantly to the Analytics Catalog where it is fully accessible by all users as soon as the connection is made.


Create interactive analytics experiences in a matter of minutes!

Build modern, personalized user experiences suitable for a multi-generational workforce, specific to any department, user or customer. Fully brand and customize each ‘Hive’ using our drag and drop feature, making any experience look like an extension of your business with zero reliance on developer or coder time.


Intelligent cross system interaction in real time

Learn how to get the most out of your data and content with our recommendation engine which learns through your interactions. We’ll show how you’re able to interact with real-time content across multiple systems in a single view and search cross-system with google like speed. How to utilize the meta data and tagging function to push top reports and information direct to users as soon as they log in.

Other webinars

Simplify & Modernize

30 Mins

Enterprise analytics is not meeting user expectations. From managing multiple BI systems, logins and interfaces, to different features and functions, users are having to endure a very disjointed and time-consuming experience.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Digital Hive gives you the ability to repackage your existing tech investments to provide single portal access to all of your analytics securely and create modern & engaging user experiences for a multi-generational workforce.

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