“Digital Hive is incredible. If at some point in the future we decided that we wanted to add Power BI in there, or Tableau, or Spotfire, they’ve got a huge number of connectors that can allow us to do that seamlessly”

Darren Williams
Head of MI & Data, Clarity

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What every Executive needs to know about managing multiple Business Intelligence tools 

Are you currently using multiple solutions to provide Business Intelligence? Maybe you are trying to consolidate all your reporting into one solution but struggling to find the time to complete the migration of decades of reports? STOP. You are wasting valuable time and money! 

Join Heather Cole, President of Lodestar Solutions as she discusses how industry leaders can deal with multiple business intelligence solutions in a simple and cost-effective way, with minimal disruption to the organization, driving ROI in a matter of days. 

During the webinar you'll learn:

Inherit the underlying security of your existing BI systems

Customize and brand your portal experience for every user/customer

Mix & match BI assets from different systems in a single view

Give users a personalized self-service analytics experience

Why Digital Hive?

Bring all of your analytics, BI and CMS technologies into a one place and give users a single portal where they can access everything they need. Our UX is inspired by consumer applications like Netflix, Spotify, and Pinterest, helping drive BI adoption and analytics ROI. 

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  • How to eliminate multiple logins to different analytics portals

  • How to improve analytics capability and clarity across the organization by viewing report assets from different BI systems side by side without any redevelopment 

  • How to give executives the power to build out KPI and dashboards in minutes - without any intervention from IT

  • How to get a quick and consolidated view of all your analytics, and search to find what you need with Google-like speed

  • How to carry out system upgrades and migrations without impacting the user and/or their experience

What every Executive needs to know about managing multiple BI

What every Executive needs to know about managing multiple BI