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The Company you Keep: Data Engineering for Consumption

Is it all about the data, the people, the workflows or all three? Put simply, it’s all about the Company! 

Organizations that succeed keep teams focused on what really matters, fostering a data-driven culture for those who make countless important decisions daily. 

Listen on-demand as host Eric Kavanagh CEO of the Bloor Group interviews Digital Hive CTO, Scott Masson to get insights into: 

  • Successfully centralizing data, people and workflows 
  • Creating data context for accurate data storytelling 
  • Fostering a data-driven culture
  • Driving success for you and your Company.

Connect to all existing BI & Info systems

Customize and brand your portal experience for every user/customer

Give users a personalized self-service analytics experience

Why Digital Hive?

Users going through an enterprise portal don’t need to think about which Analytics and BI system to use (Cognos, Qlik, Tableau or PowerBI) just what information they need to do their jobs. Our UX is inspired by consumer applications like Netflix, Spotify, and Pinterest, helping drive BI adoption and analytics ROI. 

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