Denver University create an academic one-stop-shop for all their analytics

It’s important to keeping the institution running smoothly and serving a diverse student community. But with so many metrics to manage, Denver University needed a single source of truth that everyone could access.

About Denver University

To deliver the satisfactory experiences to students and staff, you need to keep track of many things such as enrollment, alumni engagement, or how many eggs to buy this week for breakfast. A performance dashboard was helping this private university’s leaders move and shake the data they needed to run 300 academic programs and pay over 3,000 staff.

However, everyone has their own preferred method of storing information and analyzing data they need in order to run everything smoothly at the school. Using multiple systems cost time and money. It also led to a lack of cohesion across teams that made it impossible for them to work together effectively.

Digital Hive enabled Denver University to create a tool agnostic ‘reporting hub’ that would gather the analytics, KPI’s and information that everyone needed, into a single accessible place. There’s 5 reasons why Denver loves Digital Hive. Find out in the case study. 


“Our users don’t need to know what underlying system is giving them the information,” says Rohini Ananthakrishnan, Director of Enterprise Software Development and Database Administration at University of Denver. “We just needed a tool-agnostic hub to replace our dashboard and gather information into one place.”

Rohini Ananthakrishnan, University of Denver

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