Clarity Grows Stronger Through Pandemic Adversity

Clarity, the business travel experts wanted to create a service that would allow them to share key travel analytics from a range of reports, quickly and efficiently to their customers. Learn how Digital Hive provided them with a solution that allows their customers to gain greater control of their travel analytics and spend.

About Clarity

Clarity’s mission was to help businesses better track, control and manage their corporate travel spend. The information and analytics that customers relied on for analysis was stored inside of Clarity’s different analytics tools (Cognos, Qlik and ThoughtSpot), and there was no easy way to centralize this so that customers could easily access and make sense all of the information without intervention from Clarity and their account managers.

Clarity took Digital Hive and created a suit of powerful travel software solutions to support their business users as well as customers, and their personal reporting requirements. Branded ‘Go2Insight’, Clarity now have a fully customize-able analytics and BI portal that gives all employees and external customers instant access to personalized views of the data assets, reports and dashboards that they need and rely on to make critical business decisions.

Clarity's Travel analytics portal

*Images displayed above are an example of a Clarity branded portal.

cross platform travel analytics

Solution success

Simplified Access to Multiple Analytics Tools

Seamlessly integrated IBM Cognos, Qlik Sense, Microsoft Reporting Service and ThoughtSpot so that users can now access reports from every systems, from one place.

First Class Customer Experience

Clarity’s customers are now able to drill down into the data, ask questions and make regular data-driven travel decisions that boost their bottom line 

Transformative and Secure

Having greater visibility of the business and it’s performance, Clarity were able to adapt their strategy which secured them with £55m worth of new business in the height of turbulant times (COVID).

Creation of New Revenue Streams

Wrapping all of their tools into Digital Hive, Clarity can now offer customers tailored reporting services based on their requirements

Personalized Analytics to Boost Engagement

Marketing, Sales and Finance get to enjoy a personalized view of the world, built on the analytics that matter most to them and their role

Self-Service Analytics on Tap

Business users and Customers can explore, analyze and share real-time analytics 24/7 with their team and the wider organization

Darren Williams Clarity


At the heart of making all that success, is the Go2Insight Business Intelligence (BI) platform, which combines relevant business travel expertise from Clarity’s in-house Management Information (MI) analysts and designated client Strategic Account Managers as well as an ever-growing amount of company travel data. Customers rely more and more on Go2Insight to get all the MI and data they need to see the bigger picture”.

Darren Williams, Head of Finance Operations, MI and Data

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