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The Challenge

The analytics and business intelligence (ABI) industry has been tackling user adoption for years. Most organizations have an average of 3+ ABI tools because there isn’t one tool that does everything. With thousands of reports dispersed across the business, it is almost impossible for the user to quickly locate and run the report most relevant to the problem they are trying to solve without a level of repetition. 

They are forced to jump between systems and experiences just to find what they need. This is not only time consuming and unproductive, but leads to users frustration.  

ABI tools that have been chosen need to fit into the user’s workflow, offering them all features and functions through one single access point. Utilizing all ABI tools in a single intuitive experience that’s set up to suit the users working style, will significantly increase user engagement, grow adoption across the organization. 

The Solution 

  • Deploy a collaborative, easy-to-use portal (Analytics, Intranet, Extranet & Custom) that business people love
  • Eliminate multiple system logins 
  • Provide a single portal for clients, staff, executives, distributors, suppliers and partners to access all business systems
  • Click off to the applications you need – BI systems or web-based – from a central location
  • Centralise all your information assets 
  • Create a single version of the truth and deliver faster access to all reporting assets
  • Organise content around persona’s and departments
  • Quickly search, find and execute assets from any system – saving 30% of your day 
  • Bridge the gap between cloud and on-premise systems
  • Ensure that the most appropriate reports are being used by each user and department.
  • Reduction in requests for reports already been created, saving developers reports


  • Deliver contextual information to build user confidence
  • Makes users aware of available assets in the business
  • Business solution mapped to your persona and processes
  • Measure your progress and celebrate your successes

Customer Stories

What success looks like

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