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The Challenge

As businesses need to change, technology evolves over time making a once useful system start to feel like a burden and can lead to the inability to personalize and communicate with users and customers’ needs.  In order to simplify and streamline business processes across the entire enterprise, organizations must overcome technology challenges – especially after an acquisition.

Regardless of project costs or how critical the system is, every business system has a limited lifecycle. Over time as business priorities get pulled in different directions and technology innovation advances, the backbone systems to businesses will either become obsolete or simply outdated. It’s therefore inevitable that businesses will have to upgrade or replace existing technology and migrate key functionalities to a new system.


The Solution


  • Seamlessly integrate acquired businesses and technologies into existing portfolio
  • Provides a seamless migration path for upgrading with zero impact on business and users
  • Framework in place that enables smoother future M&A activity
  • Insulate user from technology decisions 
  • Introduce new technologies without disrupting users
  • Seamlessly upgrade BI systems on an individual level – e.g. by department 
  • Migrate from one BI system to another – by department – minimizing end user disruption 
  • Reduce the need for training across multiple BI systems, cutting costs and saving time
  • Identify patterns for which systems are being utilised, determining best consolidation path
  • Consolidate disparate BI tools to eliminate operational silos
  • Identify duplicate and redundant reports across multiple business systems
  • Enable end to end visibility

Customer Stories

What success looks like

Understand how our customers are utilizing Digital Hive, building intelligence throughout their organization by consuming a wealth of information across multiple business systems.

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