Create a Personalized Portal Experience 

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The Challenge

The analytics world will always be changing and evolving, and it’s up to organizations to change with it. If organizations stick to operating in a siloed way and don’t look past legacy, they will continue to struggle with low levels of system adoption, user interaction and engagement. Personalized BI Portal Portal allows users to create custom-designed pages that feature specific metrics, reports and more. 

Businesses need to ditch the old and siloed ways of delivering analytics and begin leveraging AI and machine learning to build a user-centric culture, creating personalized user experiences that establish their brand as a trustworthy solution to any problems needing solved.

The Solution


  • Create a unique and personalized working environment for each user and department
  • Enable users to source relevant information for better answers quicker – increasing productivity
  • Give users the flexibility to display content that reflects the data visualizations most important to them
  • Gain a competitive advantage with the insights-driven approach you need to make the best decisions
  • Optimize performance by centralizing information and leverage as widely as possible
  • Improve engagement rates and reduce information overload by keeping content relevant – give your users a reason to keep coming back/attract continual usage
  • Content-based on historical, peers and department is automatically recommended to users
  • Target news and relevant content to end-users and improve engagement
  • Extend your brand identity by creating a portal that’s tied to business needs and fits nicely into your ecosystem – make it an extension of the workplace and brand

  • Improve the consistency, familiarity and visual look of your/customers brand

  • Develop a professional, creative portal experience and differentiate yourself from the competition in your market

  • Build loyalty and trust with your employees and customers and make their experience memorable

  • Communicate your company’s overall message and promote your business goals

  • Creates new opportunities in the Market – leverage the value of your data 
  • Help external clients make better decisions by tapping into packaged data-driven solutions
  • Creates Competitive Advantage in the Market – offer highly relevant products/services  
  • Improves Customer Experience and Strengthens Customer Loyalty – gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s activity, continuously improve their experience and ensure product stickiness
  • Boosts Revenue Streams by creating new sources of value and potential revenue through data monetization for organizations that would not otherwise have an opportunity to contribute or access specific or unique datasets – directly boosting the bottom line

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