Customer Analytics Portal

Crush the competition by creating a modern, personalized self-service analytics portal for customer to access everything they need.

Customer analytics portal

Supercharge your cx

Strengthen your Market Position

 The days of providing your customers with out of date, static reporting is over. Replace any manual, time-consuming or restrictive ways of working with a modern, self-service customer portal. Providing your customers with direct access to all the reports and analytics they need, when they need them, is a MUST for almost all companies wanting to stay competitive. It’s what differentiates you from the competition, helps increase market share, retention and even direct revenue if packaged and monetized.



Flexible Offerings

From selecting what technologies and features each level includes, reporting assets and information can be accessed, to how much you charge each customer, you can be as flexible and as granular as you like – the choice is completely yours!

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Help your customers understand  what’s going on by giving them all the analytics available. Provide context to information presented back, and enrich their experience by including images, PDF content, live feeds, videos and more to their portal experience.

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24/7 Self-Service

Provide every customer, regardless of location, with around the clock access to all the information they want and keep all front-line workers engaged. Provide self-service analytics and eliminate all time-consuming and costly ad hoc requests that internal teams get from customers. 

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Embed & empower your customers to be data-driven

Delivering Customer Insights-as-a-Service

Create memorable, personalized experiences that foster customer loyalty and success, exceeding all expectations to deliver a first-class customer service that will rival the competition. Embed real-time analytics and business intelligence into your customer facing services, and provide clients with up-to-date metrics in real-time. 

Customer Analytics Portal Drive Revenue

Identify New Opportunities for Growth

Strengthen competitive advantage

Creating a new product and service offering will help drive new business, get you on front of the competition and increase sales revenue. If you don’t follow suit, stay competitive and give your customers what they need, when they need it, you will lose market share and return. Leverage your data assets to create value for your customers.

Customer Analytics Portal Drive Revenue
Customer Analytics Portal Service Offering

Create a Tailored & Trusted Service

Boost customer loyalty

Go above and beyond for your customers by creating a customer insights platform that fosters communication, trust, and mutual growth from the very beginning. Build a strong  partnership, and improve communication and collaboration by sharing key information and analytics that drive change, satisfying all their wants, needs and more.

Make your Business Market Leading

Innovate with cutting edge technology

Add value to your business by creating innovative products and service offerings that not only make you an appealing place to work, but an attractive company to invest in. Break down barriers to key partners, vendors and customer prospects and become a leader in your space by differentiating yourself from the competition.

Customer Analytics Portal Innovation
Clarity Customer Analytics Portal

Case Study

Learn how Clarity created a customized customer portal built on Digital Hive, giving everyone the ability to explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics from multiple BI and analytics tools across the business. Their branded customer analytics portal, ‘Go2Insight’ makes it easy for business users and customers to access personalized views of data assets like reports and dashboards from a range of integrated analytics and BI feeds. 

Adding Value with Digital Hive’s Customer Analytics Portal

Supercharge your Customer Experience 

Your Business


Provide a faster and more efficient way for customers to request and access reports and information, by providing around the clock access to everything they need. Spend less time cutting, pasting and/or sorting data to generate reports for the daily, weekly, and monthly action planning meetings, and more time sharing and collaborating the insights that matter most


Cut costs for you and your customer by automating processes and putting the power and focus into the hands of your customer. Give your employees more time to focus on strategic projects that drive change and add business value. 


Strengthen your relationship, increase customer satisfaction and retention by providing them with a modern and data-driven customer analytics portal. Insights as a service will help increase sales opportunities, drive revenue and make you competitive.




Eliminate any wait time for customers to access and have sight of the insights they need and rely on to make business decisions. Provide them with round the clock self-service access.


Stop supplying customers with data and analytics that are out of date. Poor analytics leads to poor decision making, business in-efficiencies, mistrust and lost revenue. Help your customer to be successful by providing them with everything they need, effectively and efficiently, listening to their needs, understanding their challenges, making appropriate changes along the way to ensure satisfaction and success.


Focus on how your company can help your customers succeed. Find out what’s important to them, strengthen your relationship and add long term value.  The ability to create value for customers will differentiate you in a crowded marketplace and drive new revenue opportunities for them.

Benefits of Digital Hive’s Customer Analytics Portal


Optimize the use of analytics and information from multiple systems


Reduces internal operating costs and maximizes profits


Strengthens partnerships and improves customer loyalty


Streamlines decision-making & planning


Gain a competitive edge and increases market share


Enhance insights to improve products and services


Identify new revenue streams and opportunities for growth


Increases data sharing and collaboration


Companies that improve their customer experience report an increase in revenue


Companies view customer experience as a competitive differentiator


Companies that have embraced digital transformation are more profitable than their peers


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