Darren Williams
Head of MI and Data


Learn how Digital Hive brought all of their existing BI systems together into a branded customer portal 'Go2Insight'.

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Clarity's mission was to help businesses better track, control and manage their corporate travel spend. They took Digital Hive and created a suit of powerful travel software solutions to support their business users as well as customers.

Branded 'Go2Insight', Clarity now have a fully customize-able analytics and business intelligence portal that gives thousands of internal and external users instant access to personalized views of the data assets, reports and dashboards that they need and rely on to make critical business decisions.

Creating a Single, Fully Integrated and Personalized Analytics Experience for Customers

“At the heart of making all that success, is the Go2Insight Business Intelligence (BI) platform, which combines relevant business travel expertise from Clarity’s in-house Management Information (MI) analysts and designated client Strategic Account Managers as well as an ever-growing amount of company travel data. Customers rely more and more on Go2Insight to get all the MI and data they need to see the bigger picture”.

Learn how Clarity:

  • Created a highly functional and feature rich portal due to integrated analytics & BI feed (IBM Cognos, Qlik Sense, Microsoft Reporting Service)

  • Deliver on their customer promise of helping clients make brighter and better data-driven travel decisions that can boost their bottom line. 

  • Secured £55m worth of new business through the lock down and pandemic. 

  • Provide self-service analytics 'on tap' so customers and business users ca easily explore, analyze and share real-time business analytics inside their teams using natural language, as well as highly customized views for specialist teams like Marketing & Finance.


Creating a Fully Integrated, Personalized Customer Analytics Portal

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Organizations need to empower all levels of the business to access, analyze and understand ALL contributing factors and analytics available from multiple systems, before drawing to a conclusion and making a decision. Increasing the data literacy of an entire organization by empowering all levels and users in business functions (with no IT or programming background) to work more efficiently and effectively with data and analytics, and ultimately, discover new insights

Digital Hive's Enterprise Portal centralizes all information assets, reports and analytics, providing users with a single place where they can quickly access, work with and understand all of the moving parts.

  • Drag & drop reports from different BI systems side by side in a single storyboard and increase understanding
  • Add narrative, embed educational videos, presentations and documentations and enrich the experience
  • Provide a report commentary feedback loop in real-time and share with peers
  • Collaborate with the wider organizations to reach a common goal
  • Increase adoption rates across all business intelligence and analytics systems

Start your data literacy journey in 7 simple steps with an Enterprise Portal. 

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