Digital Hive appoints Lynn Moore as CEO

Digital Hive appoints Lynn Moore as CEO

Digital Hive, which provides an Intelligent Analytics Portal, announced today that it has appointed Lynn Moore as CEO, with immediate effect. Moore, who is a co-founder and chairman of Digital Hive’s board, has helped define the vision, strategy, and technical direction of the Digital Hive platform (formerly known as Theia) since its inception in 2015. More information on Digital Hive is available here

Moore’s software engineering background coupled with 25 years experience cultivating relationships with enterprise buyers and strategic partners like IBM made him an ideal fit for the CEO role.  Moore’s top priority for 2022 will be to seize the huge market opportunity in this year of change to fuel enterprise sales and close strategic partnerships.

According to Moore

“After a few turbulent years economically, most large enterprises are going through some business and IT consolidation, either through mergers/acquisitions or digital transformation. Rather than having to invest years of resources into integrating systems at the backend, Digital Hive lets enterprises pull them all together at the frontend through a common interface that IT can manage and users can personalize.”

Moore replaces Kevin Hurd, who will continue to serve as Digital Hive’s Chief Product Officer and Managing Director of Digital Hive’s partner Assimil8. This change means that Hurd will have greater resources to lead the product team to deliver new functionality for enterprise customers including full support for Cloud, AI-driven personalization, UX improvements, integrations with popular communications tools, and data storytelling.

Moore lives and works from Plano, Texas. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Arkansas. Outside of work, Moore is passionate about marine ecology and can be found doing cleanup dives with his son in Curaçao, in the Dutch Caribbean.

About Digital Hive

Digital Hive is an international software company that provides an intelligent analytics portal to information from multiple analytics and BI tools, content management systems, and file systems – on premise and in the cloud. By providing a single, shared organizational view, federated search across tools, and custom branding, Digital Hive helps drive systems adoption, improve data literacy, and deliver data stories for better decision making and business performance. A 2020 Gartner ‘Cool Vendor,’ Digital Hive customers like Clarity, DFS, Highmark, Froneri, Pomona College, and University of Denver.