Digital Hive

Making all your analytics discoverable and usable

All your analytics, in one place

We know what it can be like to manage different analytics solutions and platforms. Information is spread out all over the place and users can’t access anything quickly. Assets get created and are underutilized, and worse, adoption rates are still low. Sound familiar?

Digital Hive can help. We’re the single access point to all your analytics. Connect users to all of their platforms and assets, make them discoverable and usable from one place. Our personalization capability results in increased creativity, engagement and productivity.

centralized & cataloged analytics

Keep things simple by creating a single place where users only have to log in one to access all the tools and reporting assets they need.

certified reports& dashboards

Guide users to the most trusted and certified reports and dashboards, and increase their confidence in the analytics used for decision making.

cross platform unified dashboards

Select the analytics assets you need – regardless of the tool they were created – into a single, interactive dashboard and tell a complete data story.

monitor & track asset usage

Get complete visibility of what’s going on across all connected tools from one place. Track system usage and highlight report quality.

The analytics portal that does it all

We are a low-code platform that takes the power of analytics to the next level. Our customizable platform enables business users to build and share actionable analytics in just a few clicks – regardless of the tool they were created in. Connect seamlessly to your existing technologies in a matter of days and start seeing more meaningful insights that drive better decisions.


Maximizes Asset Usage

Enterprise wide access to all the analytics from a single place


Boosts Tool Adoption

Provide a unified and constistent experience across all tools


Future Proofed Strategy

Ability to select the right analytics tool for the right job


Personalized Experiences

Set up for the user, display the analytics that matter most to them and their role


Controls Asset Creation

Create assets once and share to audiences enterprise wide


Recommends Content

Surfaces and recommends content based on user profile, role and interests


Promotes Data Literacy

Add context to the analytics and provide commentary to improve interpretation

Digital Hive's Analytics Portal

All your platforms under one roof

Get connected in minutes. Digital Hive is already set up to connect directly to underlying analytics, BI, and content management systems in real-time. All you have to do is put in the connector details and you’re up and running. Don’t worry if you don’t see your platform below, we’re always adding new connectors. Just ask!

Trusted by our customers

Our people have an ‘intranet on steroids’ that’s easy to use and access reports and other policy documents and information from. We’re also able to maintain our strategy of using the most suitable BI tool for each job.

Digital Hive is incredible. If at some point in the future we decided that we wanted to add Power BI in there, or Tableau, or Spotfire, they’ve got a huge number of connectors that can allow us to do that seamlessly.”

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