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A single entry point to all information and data can help; drive greater data-driven decisions, reduce costs, retain students, and provide additional value and learning opportunities.

Utilizing Data To Empower Students & Faculty 

Colleges and Universities want to start using the vast amounts of data available to drive change and innovation. They use many different analytics tools to improve the quality of education for students and faculty, optimize administrative operations, and support research efforts. However, with so many different departments and technologies, information is often silod and hard to find.


Faster Access To Information

A higher education portal provides students and faculty users with a single entry point to the information they need, when they need it. This helps to encourage interaction and increases collaboration among students, faculty, staff, and graduates with similar needs and interests, saving time and reducing costs.

Solution Case Studies

creating a single point of entry

sharing information across the institution

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Our people have an ‘intranet on steroids’ that’s easy to use and access reports and other policy documents and information from. At the same time, we maintain our strategy of using the most suitable BI tool for each job.

Pomona College

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Single Point Of Entry

to all information

To deliver meaningful educational experiences to thousands of students, Educational Institutions need to keep tabs on all aspects of the university experience – student housing, academic programs, property maintenance, fundraising and even entertainment.

With multiple systems storing important information that needs to be analyzed by a variety of different departments for different use cases, it quickly becomes very difficult to navigate and focus on the information itself.

A higher education portal allows you to access all the dashboard and analytics assets in your company, irrespective of technology, location, and department.  Universities can create a single point of entry for users to access governed information to increase BI adoption and data-driven decision making and deliver the best student experience possible.

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