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Make Decisions with Confidence

Regardless if your an individual, employer, care facility or part of an insurance provider organization, healthcare is a complex and critical aspect of life for everyone.

The information needed to make decisions understand performance, spot trends or outliers, is more often than not stored in a number of analytical visualization applications which can be increasingly time-consuming for users to access and for the business to manage.

The healthcare industry needs to streamline technology and make access to vital information quicker – real-time insight can be critical to the outcome and the patient.


Simplified User Experience

Centralize Analytics

improve quality, lower costs and better understand performance

Digital Hive will streamline processes across multiple healthcare channels, allowing parts of the organization who have siloed data and visualizations to collaborate and communicate in ways not previously possible. 

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Healthcare portal

Direct Access to Information


Digital Hive’s Healthcare Portal provides everyone with direct access to all information, data and dashboards through a single login. Regardless of the location assets have been created or by which department, anyone can access them in real-time.

Whether it’s patient records, survey results or tracking KPIs, a healthcare portal gives clinicians, patients and insurers the ability to search, find and source new and relevant information instantly. Users can leverage personalized and recommended insights with Hive IQ and make decisions based on all of the data without wasting any time. 

Digital Hive makes it easy for everyone to share insights with peers and give feedback in real-time helping to improve data quality along the way.

Drive data-led decision making in healthcare