Driving Data Literacy

with an enterprise portal

Data and analytics is a core part of business, so data skills are now essential for almost every role in every organization. Having access to all the systems that hold vital analytics and information, along with having the ability to add context is critical if businesses want to be truly data driven.

What is data literacy?


Gartner defines data literacy as the ability to read, write and communicate data in context. Organizations striving to be more data-driven are beginning to recognize how important it is to develop a data-literate workforce.


Who needs to be data literate?


If all levels of the business have a basic ability to communicate and understand conversations about data, find meaning in the numbers, the more they can create actionable business insights from it.


The problem today?

When Most of us are not very good at interpreting and making sense of it.


The Benefits

of being data literate

Organizations that are data literate make decisions based on facts – not gut.

Interpreting data and putting it to use can be the key to the future success of your business.

As users become more confident with the data, new or hidden insights will be uncovered.

By 2020, 50% of organizations will lack sufficient AI and data literacy skills to achieve business value.


Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Setting up for success

Whether your company is at the beginning of its analytics journey or operating at the bleeding edge of technology and strategy, one common theme will always be important – culture and mindset. A lack of organizational buy-in can hinder even the most well designed, thoroughly vetted strategies. When it comes to data culture there are 6 essential topics to consider. 

Generating organizational excitement about using data for decision making, increasing adoption of technology and improving collaboration between departments means removing the barriers of access, putting analytics in front of as many different groups within your organization.


The right technology can help accelerate the success of data literacy across a business. For users to utilize business intelligence, they need to feel like they’re in control of their data. Limited access along with the ability to compare data from distinct and disparate sources remains a common theme.

Access to information

If data and information are siloed then only part of the ‘story’ is being understood and interpreted – meaning the decisions and actions being made could be incorrect. Increasing access and improving collaboration can provide an extra layer of context to the data, helping users to see the complete ‘data story’.

Drive Data Literacy In Organization with Digital Hive

  • Encourage enterprise-wide data literacy
  • Accelerate the success of data literacy training programs
  • Prepare your workforce to be data-driven
  • Increase access to data insights with the right technology
  • Drive competitive advantage
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