Length of stay and readmission might be accessed via your QlikSense application, Patient Satisfaction information stored in Tableau, and Employee demographics & Dependent coverage ratios are in a third system…meaning you’re forced to remember all of this as well as login information for each of the individual systems. So what happens when another, newer, augmented analytics system like ThoughtSpot is introduced? 

You might lose track of where the information is stored… might try to ‘cut and paste’ pieces of the information you need into a PowerPoint so you can create an overview ‘dashboard’. Maybe you’ll dump all of the data into Excel and make a pivot table? 

While you think this might ‘work at the time’, what’s worth pointing out is that all of the above is time consuming, inefficient and increases the risk of misinterpretation – not to mention the issues this creates around data privacy.

Enter the Analytics Portal

There is a better way than cobbling your data and visualizations together with cut & paste! Digital Hive provides an efficient and code-free way to bring together silos containing the length of stay and readmissions information, patient satisfaction information, employee & their dependant’s demographics, into a unique, personalized ‘portal’. One login, one solution. Simple. 

Change happens

When was the last time change didn’t happen? Rarely, that’s when. The tools and applications organizations leverage to understand & present information is fluid. You need to be able to adapt to these changes as well. 

Digital Hive not only allows for these changes to take place but encourages them. With the ability to integrate new analytics tools at any point, you are in complete control of how to use new capability sets in concert with your current applications – giving you the ability to leverage the right tools for the right job. 

Now Tableau exists with PowerBI and ThoughtSpot for a more holistic view of your healthcare world.

A word on personalization

Adapt and adopt, make the experience unique to your community. Let’s be honest. Just bringing all of your required information, visualizations and applications together into a single experience is paramount, but what if people don’t like the look and feel of the experience. Limited adoption is the outcome. 

Digital Hive provides a unique drag and drop, code-free, personalization experience so you can tailor your analytics hub to suit the needs of and requirements of individuals, roles and groups in your organization. Now you’re on your way to increased adoption and are driving towards the realization of data-driven decision making.

Learn more about Digital Hive for Healthcare or schedule a quick 30-min demo and see it in action!