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Centralized BI & Analytics Driving ROI

Turn users into consumers
with an analytics portal

simplify, access save time cut costs

Analytics are no longer just living inside of traditional analytics and business intelligence tools – it’s inside of everything. As a result, users are forced to switch between different BI tools to find what they need, which is wasting time, draining employee efficiency and productivity, and worse, adoption rates.

Eliminate disparate systems, connect seamlessly and centralize all analytics, business intelligence platforms, CMS tools and more, to give users a single portal where they can access everything they need, when the need it – regardless of the system it lives in.

Business Intelligence Platforms
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Enterprise Portals: A pragmatic solution

Re-package your tech stack
& drive more value

Enterprises invest significant amounts in software for  analytics and BI platforms, ERP, financial reporting and collaboration tools and aren’t in a position to write it all off and start fresh. The good news is that you don’t have to.  

Digital Hive sits on top of your existing technology portfolio, providing users with a consistent interface across multiple existing business applications. It provides an opportunity to give complex and legacy business information systems a consumer ‘makeover’, delivering an experience that’s simple and modern, and dynamic. 


Efficient consumption of analytics

Access better insights with
self-service analytics

People want to be self sufficient, organized and data-driven. But many organizations struggle to achieve this when information is siloed. Our self-service analytics catalog helps users collect, organize, access, and enrich metadata to support data discovery and governance, meaning they can quickly access the information they need to be successful. 

As well as cataloging data, users can search across their entire tech stack with Google-like speed, discovering the report assets, images, presentations, and more, keeping productivity alive and support tickets down.  

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analytics catalog
Personalized analytics

‘Netflix’ for Analytics & BI 

A personalized ‘consumer app’ UX
to bridge the adoption gap

Enterprise technology was built for purpose and process, without the end user in mind, and the UX is still lacking and lagging far behind that of consumer applications. Digital Hive’s UX is inspired by consumer applications like Netflix, Spotify, and Pinterest, making the consumption of information instantaneous. Users can quickly engage with the information they need to do their job by selecting the assets from a dynamic ‘swim lane view’. 

This personalized user experience also helps promotes productivity, drives engagement for tools like Microsoft Power BI, ThoughtSpot, Tableau, Qlik, IBM Cognos, and in turn boosts adoption levels.

simplify and modernize to stay competitive

Serve the needs of the
generation XYZ workforce

As generation XYZers’ experiences and expectations continue to be shaped by consumer apps and software, they expect enterprise software to ‘just work’. They definitely don’t want to have to rely on IT or data experts to use business software for planning, reporting, making decisions, or solving problems. In today’s data and KPI-driven business culture, an enterprise portal provides pragmatic solution to transform, modernize and stay competitive. 

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Changing the future of enterprise analytics for the better

Top companies using analytics most proficiently are growing 8x faster than their peers. They put analytics at the heart of their data strategy to contuniously innovate, and create consumer centric experiences. Everything is in one place and is personal. They understand who we are and what we want. They keep us engaged so we always come back for more. 

tell a data story using information and analytics from multiple systems

Data Literacy

Leverage all BI assets and analytics available across all systems, carry out in-depth analysis and make decisions based on ALL the information – not gut instinct!

Brand your enterprise portal and customize end users information to suit their role in the business.


Boost enagegment and productivity by creating personalized ‘digital desktops’ for every user, utilizing the information they need and rely on to do their jobs.

tell a data story using information and analytics from multiple systems

Story Telling

Remix your business intelligence, reports, dashboards and analytics assets with different videos, visuals and more to increase understanding and tell a compete data story. 

Search over all your business systems to find the information you need, by tag, name, metadata and more


Users and customers can quickly access, search and discover reports, assets and insights living across multiple different systems with Google-like speed.

Hive IQ


We surface and recommend BI/analytics assets, reports, dashboards, images and more, directly to users in line with their role, preferences and peer history.

centralized business intelligence


Take all of your existing business intelligence and analytics tools and re-package it into a solution that’s slick, modern and seamless.

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