Drive value from all your analytics

The true value of all your analytics can only be exposed when users can quickly access all of the information they need. But organizations struggle to simplify the analytics experience and continue to face low usage rates and adoption issues across all tools. With Digital Hive’s analytics portal, you can transform the way that analytics is accessed, managed and consumed.

embrace multiple bi tools

Centralize and catalog analytics

Analytics is everywhere! Businesses struggle to manage their tools and retain the information in a way their users can access it in a timely manner.

Digital Hive lowers that barrier for businesses by centralizing all of their tools through a single platform, providing users with the single place to log-in and access all the analytics they need. everything.

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Enterprise Portal Connectors
Centralized analytics

Present Single View of the business

Create real-time unified dashboards

Finance rely on Cognos or Business Objects, Marketing love Tableau, Qlik or PowerBI, and HR can’t get enough of Success Factors or SAP Analytics Cloud. You want to present a single view of the business and you think that stitching together single use, static dashboards presented on PowerPoint is the most effective way? Wrong!

We’re the first analytics portal that let’s you quickly create real-time unified dashboards that can be shared with the right audience. Select the analytics assets you need (regardless of the tool they live in) and drag them into one place so that executives can make better decisions, faster.


maximize analytics consumption

Users get what they want quicker – without caring what tool it came from

Create a single and consistent interface across multiple ABI and stop users fixating on analytics tool preference and turn focus to consuming data, acting on data insights, and becoming more data literate

Maximize the consumption of analytics by giving all users equal access to the best data assets to support every decision.

Build trust in data reliability and limits enterprise risk

Insulate users from future technology decisions

Retire & migrate away from legacy tools at own pace

Increase adoption across all connected tools

Drives productive data discussions & collaboration

Aligned viewing and consumption of data

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