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Digital Hive’s enterprise portal brings multiple business systems together, in a single unified platform, helping organizations make better-informed decisions.

Award-Winning Enterprise Portals

driving value

Our Analytics Hub, Intranet, Extranet and Custom Enterprise Portal Solutions are designed to help optimize business performance and streamline processes. Access everything you need from a central location and single sign-on, and make it easier for individuals to make better decisions based on data.

 Get the best out of your existing technology with Digital Hive.

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Deploy a collaborative, easy to use portal that business users will love.

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personalize the experience 

change the way analytics is accessed & Delivered

Designed for the end-user from the way content is organized on storyboards, report thumbnails displayed in dynamic swimlanes and even report rankings and taggings recorded. Digital Hive’s recommendation engine (IQ) adapts to the user’s interests and builds intelligence through interaction so that the right content is delivered instantly. 

Personalizing the experience will increase engagement and productivity, keeping people coming back for more. Make it as simple as using your favorite apps!

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It’s really genius in this new environment. It’s the most amazing thing I have seen in 10 years

Nadine Francis

Pomona College

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