“Digital Hive is incredible. If at some point in the future we decided that we wanted to add Power BI in there, or Tableau, or Spotfire, they’ve got a huge number of connectors that can allow us to do that seamlessly"

Darren Williams
Head of MI & Data, Clarity

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The Best of your BI: How Data Changes Culture 

Static reports going live, real-time, available and up-to-date whenever needed. Stitching information together and closing the contextual loop on data assets. This is a real-world story of how data can change culture, not just internally but for your customers, partners and suppliers.

During this Briefing Room you'll hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh explain how the syntheses of data and small changes in critical processes can have major impact. He’s joined by Darren Williams, from global travel management company Clarity, who demonstrates how introducing an ‘intelligent’ analytics portal into his tech stack has opened up new revenue generating channels, created data harmony and given him the ability to present compelling data stories to the business and customers.

Connect to all existing BI & Info systems

Customize and brand your portal experience for every user/customer

Give users a personalized self-service analytics experience

Why Digital Hive?

Users going through an enterprise portal don’t need to think about which Analytics and BI system to use (Cognos, Qlik, Tableau or PowerBI) just what information they need to do their jobs. The UX is inspired by consumer applications like Netflix, Spotify, and Pinterest, helping drive BI adoption and analytics ROI.

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  • How to access and consume BI assets from virtually ANY platform or technology enabling the long-sought view of having everything in a single place.

  • How adding an analytics portal on to your data offering will shine a light on the 'best of your BI', increasing adoption rates and deliver analytics ROI in weeks, not years.

  • How to drive successes for you and your customers by delivering branded, personalized and self-service analytics experience - changing the business culture for the better.

What every Executive needs to know about managing multiple BI

The Best of your BI: How Data 
Changes Culture

Digital Hive has aided Clarity's journey. Watch the webinar and learn:

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Clarity leverages Digital Hive to create a fully integrated, branded and personalized analytics experience for all users and customers. Read the case study to learn more about their award-winning Customer Analytics Portal, 'Go2Insight'. 


Mix & match BI assets from different systems in a single view