Access all your analytics with a single portal

Digital Hive connects to all existing technologies making it easy for users to access all the information and analytics they need.

We eliminate the need for multiple logins and 'portal' experiences, retain all the features, functions and security from each underlying platform, and give users the ability to search across all systems for desired reports, dashboards, images and more with Google like speed.

Drive value back into the business faster than before with Digital Hive. 

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Connect seamlessly to all your analytics and BI systems

Create storyboards utilizing your favorite reporting assets

Engage with information that's been recommended directly

 “Digital Hive is incredible. If at some point in the future we decided that we wanted to add Power BI in there, or Tableau, or Spotfire, they’ve got a huge number of connectors that can allow us to do that seamlessly

Darren Williams
Head of MI & Data, Clarity

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