A ‘Netflix’ style analytics and BI experience drives Digital Transformation

By adapting the ABI software experience to meet the needs of today’s users, Digital Transformation finally becomes possible.  

Adoption rates for Analytics and BI (ABI) software are still way too low. Digital Hive has taken inspiration from consumer apps like Netflix to make the experience of working with all your enterprise ABI tools much easier, faster and more personal. 

A ‘Netflix’ style analytics and BI experience drives Digital Transformation

Digital Hive is an award-winning intelligent enterprise portal that surfaces and recommends analytics in a personalized experience.

The single entry point to multiple analytics and business intelligence systems

Connect to best of breed applications like ThoughtSpot, Salesforce, Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, YouTube and many others.

Create visually stunning portals that align with corporate branding for internal and external users. 

Engage with personalized content that’s recommended and delivered to you. 

About Digital Hive

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Accessing analytics should be as simple as using your favorite applications. Users shouldn't be wasting time jumping from system to system just to execute a single process. It should be as simple as logging in once and being greeted with intelligence. 

Save time, increase productivity and boost adoption with Digital Hive.