Digital Hive: Marketing Portal

Create a marketing portal that builds intelligence through interaction, simplify access to all apllications, and deliver exceptional personalized experiences to every user.

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Flexible Marketing Portal Solutions & Features

Designed to fit into your business without any disruption, Digital Hive sets marketing teams up for success. Our marketing portal solution eliminates in-efficient processes, simplifies access to multiple applications and platforms, and offers users self-service analytics reporting.

Digital Hive Intranet

Create & manage company/team intranet pages

marketing portal

Track marketing activity & event ROI

marketing portal

Brand & customize for every user

tell a data story using information and analytics from multiple systems

Drive data literacy in the team

Digital Hive Analytics Hub

Marketing analytics Hub

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Catalog images, reports & files for quick access

Transform the marketing user-experience

Switching between platforms to find what you need can drain employee efficiency, and productivity. Digital Hive delivers seamless integrations and single marketing portal experiences that take productivity to the next level. 
Simply connect your systems and applications to Digital Hive and click off to all of your social media, website, CRM and analytics reporting tools from a single marketing portal. Power up your employees with a modern easy-to-use portal that keeps them productive wherever they work – without any help from IT!
Marketing Portal: Boost Team Collaboration
Swimlane view of marketing assets

Hey have you seen the latest lead gen report?

Boost engagement through intelligence

create a consumer-app like marketing experience

No more waiting for your marketing team to seek out the key insights that matter the most.  Digital Hive offers every user personalized recommendations to help them find what they need (and more) with minimal effort.

Displayed in an interactive ‘swimlane view’ (just like Netflix), from the second they log in, users can interact with reports, presentations, PDF content and images that have been intelligently surfaced and recommended directly in line with their role, history, peer activity and more. 

People + Analytics = Better Decisions

precise marketing decisions based on insights

From analyzing lead generation activities to optimizing ad spend, with Digital Hive’s marketing portal, users can analyze reports from different systems with ease. Leave manual reporting and behind and say goodbye to manual extraction and gain a deeper understanding from ALL the marketing data and analytics that’s available.

Bring together product, sales, and marketing data into a single, actionable source of truth. Give clarity about target audiences, build stronger connections with potential customers, and uncover the best channel for promotion.

Marketing Portal connect to existing technology
marketing portal customization
Marketing portal training page

Informed & refreshed at all times

Onboard and up-skill marketing employees quickly

Our no-code, easy to use platform means anyone (regardless of technical skills) can create pages with a purpose within their Hive. Whether it’s a page of key reports, recommendations or team training, simply drag and drop the assets you want, re-size and customize in a matter of seconds. 

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    Customer analytics portal

    Deliver a Customer Centric Anlytics Experience 

    Keep them coming back for more!

    Improve revenue through data/analytics and promote a customer-centric attitude with a personalized customer portal experience. Utilize the assets that matter most to them, boost performance and put the power back into their hands!  

    See Digital Hive in action!