A very interesting article by one of the teams at McKinsey affirms what many are challenged with, virtually every business today is attempting or at least striving to make better decisions driven by data. Some organizations have one or two data sets and an ‘analytics’ tool while others have 100s of data sets and a dozen or more ‘analytics’ tools.

As per the McKinsey article ‘Making data analytics work for you – instead of the other way around’, there is more to delivering on the value of analytics than plain desire. The article outlines key pillars around executive support, understanding the value and purpose of analytics and embracing the ‘fuzzier stuff’, valuable information that may not ‘feel like data’.

Above all, adoption is key. The ability to bring different informational stories together in one place which is easy to use, compelling and helps find the ‘untapped value’ in the ‘gullies among separate data sets’ will help drive the adoption of your analytics strategy, helping you get close to the reality of making data driven decisions.