Digital Hive 2.0 is here

Deliver the ultimate analytics

portal experience.

The Intelligent Analytics Portal

Search over all your business systems to find the information you need, by tag, name, metadata and more

Multiple Connectors.

One interface.


With even more connectors to choose from, our new wizard ‘walk through’ interface means administrators can now quickly connect to and update all sources in seconds. From making a connection to adding users, customizing colors, branding and setting up preferences, everything can be managed from our Digital Control Centre. Make ‘Hives’ available to different user groups across the business in minutes. 


Your systems.
Your analytics.
Their experience.

Just like ‘Spotify’ and ‘Netflix’, users can get set up in a few simple steps. Tell us your role, your interests and preferences and we’ll do the rest.  Give users the power to quickly connect, create and engage with all everything they like never before using our hyper personalized UX.

Less Searching. More Analysis.


Our search extends beyond the bar to include a range of functionalities, relevancy of results so users can discover the freshest content available across all systems. We autosuggest speeding up the search process to help users quickly choose the best option for them.

Analytics Catalog

More content.
More Time.
More flexibility.

Flexible and centralized analytics catalog for quick access and discovery.

Point users directly to what they need by selecting their favorite assets and grouping content based on particular interests. From the second users log in, everything is displayed on their personalized homepage in a dynamic and engageable swim-lane view making engagement almost instantaneous.



No code.

No fuss.
Just drag & drop.

Our no-code platform means  you can promote data literacy across the entire business by allowing non-technical people to build data stories without a single line of code.

Simply drag and drop everything you need into a single and interactive Hive and utilize they key assets they need to help everyone see and understand the bigger picture – and tell your data story.

Live ‘Sticky’ folders.

Search. Surface. Stick.

Set up snap shot criteria’s for specific folders and user groups so the most relevant content and freshest results are being found at all times.

Content Type

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