By Darren Williams, Head of MI and Data, Clarity.

I’ve been in the travel industry a long time, long enough to see the Wright Brothers make their first flight (Not who you’re thinking, I mean Steve and Jim Wright from accounts on their first business trip to visit our Tralee office). Anyway, for as long as I’ve been in business travel, I’ve been a techie and self-professed geek for a far greater time. Alongside music, it’s my biggest passion and I’m incredibly lucky that my company, Clarity (we’ll get back to them later), and ThoughtSpot let me talk about it, especially to an audience.

So, a little while ago Theia contacted me to ask if I would like to join them in Dallas and speak at the 2019 ThoughtSpot Beyond Conference. To set the scene a little here, the other thing that is worth knowing about yours truly is that since the age of 10 (and we’ve already covered that I’m old) I have been a Cowboys fan. The football team, not guys in boots and hats.

The reason I was asked is because in my role as Head of MI and Data for Clarity, a global travel management company, I was at the forefront of integrating ThoughtSpot and Theia into our MI and reporting tool, Go2Insight. This has been a literal game-changer for my industry, which has previously been a mecca for scheduled reports and good old excel files. The ability to work with data to make it interesting and engaging, has been incredible and I’m beyond (BEYOND!) excited to tell you about what we have in store for the future.

I can’t wait to attend the conference and meet great minds with similar interests in data. To share ideas on how to get the most out of ThoughtSpot and hear how people in other industries are changing the game through its use. I’ll also be completely honest and say I’m equally looking forward to visiting the Theia stand to see the surprise they have for attendees!

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been invited to the event as a guest of Theia, a company that has been instrumental in helping me to deliver Go2Insight. If you’re in attendance please come and speak to me about our amazing technology, my love for music and Star Wars or the recent performances of the Dallas Cowboys.

Either way, I look forward to seeing you at Beyond!

To learn more, click here and download the Clarity Case Study by our UK Partner, Assimil8.