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Whether you need a portal to consolidate all of your Analytics & BI tools, give your intranet a makeover, or create a branded self-service customer portal, our platform is designed to make this process simple, fast, and hassle-free.

DH analytics hub

Analytics Hub

Digital Hive is designed to help businesses find and manage large amounts of information assets living in disparate systems. Our enterprise analytics hub consolidates data from all BI systems into a single view, giving users direct access to data and information, regardless of the system they have been created or stored in. Save time, increase business agility, and continuity while reducing complexity and costs. 

Digital Hive Intranet


Create a digital network where employees and customers can quickly search, access and share information across the business. Encourage collaboration and communication between teams by connecting your company across different locations and time zones. Improve business processes and increase employee engagement by creating a centralised place for company documents and analytics to live.

Digital Hive Extranet


Businesses want a simple, secure and effective way to share, collaborate and improve communications with partners, vendors and suppliers. Providing self-service access to the latest information, updates, policies and more, makes it easier for your extended network to stay informed, get answers to their questions quickly, resolve issues faster – creating a better customer experience over time. 

customer portal

Customer Portal

There’s been a shift in how analytics are delivered and also in the way that they are consumed. Stand out from the competition by offering your customers a modern and fast way of accessing and interacting with the information that they need when they need it. With Digital Hive’s self-service portal, everything is in one place, putting the power back into the hands of the customer, providing them with a personalized experience – improving their visibility and access to real-time information.

custom hive

Custom Hive

Whether your organization requires a custom-built portal for clients or your internal workforce, based on your requirements, we can help you design and create a slick and secure enterprise portal fit for purpose. Reduce the cost and time of a lengthy build and exceed business expectations with our software development kit. Create a unique portal experience and leverage Digital Hive’s complete feature set.

Generating Ideas

solving big problems

Connect to all your analytics, BI and information systems and expose thousands of reports to end-users. The sky’s the limit with personalization. Create unlimited ‘Hives’ and deploy them across your internal and external networks. 

Active Users


Report Exposed


what’s in it for you

Every business wants to be more efficient – but not at the cost of security, profitability, and growth.

Sharpen business processes, eliminate repetitive tasks, and free up time with Digital Hive.

  • Reduction in password related helpdesk tickets 57% 57%
  • Increase in business system adoption 90% 90%
  • License savings costs 25% 25%

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