Intelligent Enterprise Portal Solutions

Whether you need a portal to consolidate all of your Analytics & BI tools, give your intranet a makeover, or create a branded self-service customer portal, our intelligent enterprise portal solutions are designed to make this process simple, fast, and hassle-free. 


One portal for everything

Do you have analytics and information living across many different systems? Digital Hive unifies disparate analytics, business intelligence, content management systems and other applications, eliminating multiple logins and portal experiences. Digital Hive sits on top and provide a consistent interface to your existing technologies.  Through a single sign-on, everyone can access everything they need.

Digital Hive Analytics Hub

Analytics Portal

Digital Hive Intranet


Digital Hive Extranet


customer portal

Customer Portal

custom hive

Custom Hive

Power the business one
user at a time

Digital Hive puts the power into the hands of every end-user. Our no-code, drag-and-drop method of development is highly configurable, making it simple for anyone – regardless of technical skill – to create their own modern portal experience.   

Our feature rich one-stop-shop platform unlocks access to reports from legacy tools, satisfies the younger generation, and enables the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technologies.

Move forward with a productive workforce

Remain relevant, profitable & efficient

Continued growth requires the kind of operational efficiency, customer service, agility and productivity that only modern and innovative technology – enterprise portals – can provide. It’s the only way to drive the digital transformation businesses need to thrive.

enterprise portal solutions

Utilizing people & technology

For every business, the path to success is paved with technology and people. No longer can you rely on manual or time consuming processes, fight against barriers of access, and navigate legacy tech that’s way out of sync with modern expectations. It is essential to keep your business and people moving forward.

Enterprise portal solution
use cases

Connect, create and engage with Digital Hive

We’ll help you leverage all of your technology, scale with confidence and succeed and empower your people more than ever.

enterprise portal solutions

Popular enterprise portal use cases include:

Drive Digital Transformation Initiatives - the right way round!

Uncover New Information From Multiple Systems

Create Personalized Portal Experiences, Drive Adoption & Increase Engagement

Support Organizational Change - Get the best out of existing technologies

Improve Data Literacy & Data Story Telling

enterprise portal solutions
enterprise portal solutions

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