Theia is excited to sponsor the BCBS IM Symposium for the second year in a row! Our aim is to help more Plans, Employer Groups, and members find actionable business value using Theia’s Analytics Hub. 

Finding valuable information can be time consuming and difficult when insights are locked up across many BI solutions. It also creates siloed pictures of the business and increases IT costs. 

Can you think of all the systems you have to log in to? From standard reporting in tools like IBM Cognos and Epic, to data visualization in Tableau or Power BI, to content management in Sharepoint – having multiple solutions is necessary to get the job done, however, it’s important to remember that this also creates a challenge.

How do we solve this challenge for you and your user community?

Theia’s Analytics Hub solves this challenge by bringing all of your information assets into a single location with one intuitive user-experience, regardless of technology.

Quickly search and find reports, documents, dashboards, or visualizations across systems in the Analytics Catalog. Create interactive data stories using reports, visualizations and even video, from different tools with Theia’s Gameboards. Bring clarity, increased understanding and speed to everyone who should be making data-driven decisions. 

With Theia’s Analytics Hub, the tools aren’t important, just the insights.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Boise!

For more information on Theia, contact [email protected].