When you want to know the answer to a question, more often than not, we either say or think of those three little, but VERY popular words…‘just Google it!’

What is search? It’s something we do every single day in our personal and our professional lives. Have you ever stopped to consider how much time you spend searching for answers? The cost of those individual searches? What if you could search less and spend more time doing value add activities?

Time spent searching for the information you need to do your job effectively is estimated to be anywhere from 19.8% and all the way up to 30% of your business day.

So, how can I, or more correctly Digital Hive, give you back that time?

You guessed it, Search.

One of the challenges with having multiple analytics tools or even one, and the number of reports, dashboards, and visualizations created each year, is how do you find the assets you need in order to get to that elusive data-driven decision making nirvana?

That’s only half of the actual challenge. Even if you know something exists, if you are not able to find it you have two choices. One is to live without it or two, create/recreate something which already exists.


An IDC study found that it took 1200 information workers and IT professionals a whopping 4.5 hours a week simply looking for information. Here’s an even bigger problem… workers spent even more time creating documents.

Digital Hive’s value is we leverage all of the systems and repositories we connect to, providing you with the ability to quickly discover the content available in those multiple analytics tools, plus from places like SharePoint, Box, Google Drive, and the file system.

You may, in the end, need to create that new dashboard or report but you will do so knowing you’re not unwittingly wasting your time, creating something hidden away in a dark corner of your organization.

Digital Hive’s self-service discovery get you one step closer to the data-driven decision-making nirvana and you get to spend that $70 in more valuable ways!

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