Dallas Thinking

Dallas Thinking

An old friend decided to relocate to Dallas Texas, It was, she explained, one of the liveliest, energetic cities in the US as well as being the Heart of the Lone Star State. It’s a fast-moving town with ‘Tech’ high on its agenda.

It’s a place where the industrial oil fields and the wide-open spaces converge, much in the same way that conventional thinking and innovative challenges meet together to jointly explore the future. At a time when serious thinking and managed measurement is increasingly critical. It’s a volatile business environment and the ability to bring advanced and insightful analytics to decision-making increasingly becomes a critical success factor for business.

The oil fields of Texas were not just about chasing the so-called ‘Dream’ but rather gave people who wanted a piece of the action a real chance to find opportunity, to engage with the best clients, and ultimately for them to prosper. Often we consider data as being the ‘New Oil’ and it’s fitting that the location of this forthcoming conference in Dallas recognizes that synergy.

Like the famous Black Gold, oil did not find its value by itself without effort and insightful investigation. As with data, effective use of analytics helps organizations find the value in data and allows competitive advantage to be both found and optimized.

At Beyond 2019, ThoughtSpot’s analytics event of the year, Theia are proud to not only stand beside giants but equally with them as pioneers and thought leaders, especially in the area of data science and innovation. What some have in strength and depth, others make up for in speed and agility!   

Delivering Actionable Business Value with Theia

Delivering Actionable Business Value with Theia

Theia is excited to sponsor the BCBS IM Symposium for the second year in a row! Our aim is to help more Plans, Employer Groups, and members find actionable business value using Theia’s Analytics Hub. 

Finding valuable information can be time consuming and difficult when insights are locked up across many BI solutions. It also creates siloed pictures of the business and increases IT costs. 

Can you think of all the systems you have to log in to? From standard reporting in tools like IBM Cognos and Epic, to data visualization in Tableau or Power BI, to content management in Sharepoint – having multiple solutions is necessary to get the job done, however, it’s important to remember that this also creates a challenge.

How do we solve this challenge for you and your user community?

Theia’s Analytics Hub solves this challenge by bringing all of your information assets into a single location with one intuitive user-experience, regardless of technology.

Quickly search and find reports, documents, dashboards, or visualizations across systems in the Analytics Catalog. Create interactive data stories using reports, visualizations and even video, from different tools with Theia’s Gameboards. Bring clarity, increased understanding and speed to everyone who should be making data-driven decisions. 

With Theia’s Analytics Hub, the tools aren’t important, just the insights.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Boise!

For more information on Theia, contact [email protected].

Theia Software Inc. Announces Key Executive Appointment

Theia Software Inc. Announces Key Executive Appointment

The Board of Director’s of Theia Software Inc. would like to announce the appointment of co-founder and Board member Kevin Hurd to the position of Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

In his role as CEO, Kevin will be responsible for the overall strategy and execution of the Company, continuing on its mission to deliver [email protected] for Theia’s customers.

Kevin is an accomplished technology veteran and entrepreneur with a passion for data, analytics and AI, most recently holding the role of Managing Director at Assimil8 LTD in the United Kingdom, a business intelligence and analytics solutions provider which he co-founded in 2006.

“The opportunity to play a more hands-on role in Theia’s continued growth and acceleration was something I felt I couldn’t pass up.” said Kevin, “Today’s data-driven organizations are using a portfolio of analytics tools to create valuable insight and drive better business outcomes for themselves… but they have been waiting years for a solution like Theia to come along and bring all of that insight into a single, intuitive environment for their users, allowing them to easily engage with all the information they need to be create better business outcomes. I look forward to leading the Theia team to ensure we maximize the opportunity in front of us and continue to deliver increasing value and insight to our customers and partners every single day.”

The Board would also like to announce the departure of Mitch Robinson as CEO, effective immediately and thank him for his leadership in the early stages of Theia’s success. Mitch will continue to be involved with Theia Software Inc. both as a Board member and investor.

About Theia

Theia is an Insight Hub. Information from many sources is required to provide insight to make effective decisions. Theia brings sources together – BI platforms, analytics and data visualizations – into one experience, so that better, data-driven decisions can be made. Theia’s Embedded Insight Hub provides insight at scale, please visit https://heytheia.com/ 

Theia Announces New Partnership with Logic 20/20 in the Analytics Hub Space

Theia Announces New Partnership with Logic 20/20 in the Analytics Hub Space

Theia is working with Logic 20/20, a leading business and technology consulting firm, to implement analytics hubs, which allow users to access business intelligence and analytics assets across their organization.

An analytics hub, or BI portal, is a content management environment that allows users to log into a single URL and access business intelligence and analytics assets from across their organization. Through an analytics hub, you can view all the dashboards in your organization, irrespective of technology, location, and department. Hubs create a scalable and cohesive user experience, and support organizations to make better data-related decisions. 

Logic20/20 consultants support the entire process, from tool validation to implementation, tagging, change management, and training. Theia is an insight hub that unifies sources like analytics and data visualizations and training documents into one experience. By partnering with Theia, clients will be provided with a single, seamless, integrated analytics experience that is optimized for their specific business needs. 

“In order to align with knowledge management best practices and get the biggest return on investment, an analytics hub is essential,” said Nick Kelly, director of visual analytics at Logic20/20.

“By partnering with Theia, our clients will have an integrated analytics experience, as well as a course of action to make effective, data-driven decisions. I look forward to the work we will be doing with them on analytics hubs and BI portals.” 

About Theia 

Theia uses data stories to empower organizations to gain business insight by combining all of their information assets through a single, tailored user experience. Equipping employees with these insights, helps to build a strong data culture and encourages users to make data-driven decisions. Benefits of Theia’s Insight Hub include: 

Accelerated Integration: Capabilities enable customers to embed multiple analytics tool alongside other information assets. 

Monetization & Brand Enablement: Deploy visually stunning and compelling applications that align with corporate branding for internal and external users. 

Federated Discovery: Enterprises have many reports, dashboards, presentations and media in multiple information systems. With Theia, it is simple to organize and find content.

About Logic20/20 

Logic20/20 is a West Coast business and technology consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, WA. Logic20/20 also has offices in San Jose, CA, and Wenatchee, WA. We apply a methodical and structured approach to design simple and elegant solutions, with a focus on clarity and enhancing the digital customer experience. We help our customers predict and increase sales, understand their customers, automate repetitive tasks, and increase the speed of innovation to market through our practice areas of advanced analytics, digital transformation, and leadership and execution. To learn more, visit www.logic2020.com